Wyclef Jean

Real name
Nelust Wyclef Jean
October 17, 1972
00335977229 13 works
00342765750 7 works
00342765848 1 work
Rapper, singer, musician and record producer
Member of
The Fugees
Jerry Duplessis Cousin


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Originals using parts of other songs

Covers by Wyclef Jean

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2005 Heatwave
1998 Queen
Fortunate Son Wyclef Jean 2004 Unverified
2005 Wyclef Jean featuring Refugee Allstars
1997 (unknown), Cuarteto Caney, (unknown)
Uses samples from Celia Cruz
September 28, 2010 Phil Ochs
2002 Bob Dylan
October 5, 2004 El Jarocho, Ritchie Valens
October 30, 2001 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
2005 Ernest Rogers, Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
2005 Wyclef Jean feat. Claudette
2005 Bob Marley & The Wailers [Band]
December 4, 2001 Bob Marley & The Wailers [Band]
October 11, 2011 ZZ Top
2005 Bee Gees
  2005 Abbie Mitchell REC,PRF, Helen Jepson REL
  November 29, 2017 Nat "King" Cole [Trio] REC, The King Cole Trio with String Choir REL
1997 Albert Hammond
Uses samples from (3 artists)
September 27, 2017 Coldplay
September 21, 2004 Phil Ochs
2000 Pink Floyd
2005 Pink Floyd
February 3, 2004 The Outfield

Songs with samples

Songs written by Wyclef Jean

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
911 Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis, Mary Brown [US2], Katia Cadet Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige 2000 Covered by April & Dr. Rum vs Ruben
Avenues Wyclef Jean Refugee Camp All-Stars August 19, 1997
Fu-Gee-La Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras, Salaam Remi Fugees 1995 Covered by (2 artists)
Ghetto Superstar (That Is What You Are) Ol' Dirty Bastard, Wyclef Jean, Pras Pras Michel featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard and introducing Mýa 1998 Covered by (3 artists)
Gone Till November Wyclef Jean Wyclef Jean featuring Refugee Allstars 1997 Covered by (5 artists)
Hips Don't Lie Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Luis Diaz, Jerry Duplessis, Latavia Chufon Parker Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean May 8, 2006 Covered by (14 artists)
Maria Maria Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis, Sincere, Money Harm Santana June 1999 Covered by (12 artists)
Mona Lisa Wyclef Jean Wyclef Jean featuring Refugee Allstars - The Neville Brothers 1997 Covered by (2 artists)
My Love Is Your Love Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis Whitney Houston November 17, 1998 Covered by (18 artists)
Nappy Heads Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras The Fugees February 1, 1994
Ready or Not (Here I Come) Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras Fugees February 1996 Covered by (6 artists)
Skrt on Me Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Omar Alfanno, Luis Diaz, Jerry Duplessis, Latavia Chufon Parker, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, Starrah Calvin Harris ft. Nicki Minaj June 30, 2017 Covered by Piano Dreamers
The Score Wyclef Jean, Diamond D, Lauryn Hill, Pras Fugees February 1996
Two Wrongs Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis Wyclef Jean feat. Claudette 2002 Covered by Eric Clapton / Wyclef Jean
Zealots Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras Fugees February 1996

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