Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander
Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band
Willie Alexander and The Boom Boom Band
Willie "Loco" Alexander
Real name
William Spence Alexander
January 13, 1943
United States
Singer and keyboardist from Massachusetts; Alexander started playing professionally in 1961 in pop-rock groups. He has played various forms of rock throughout his career. Alexander was a "member" of The Velvet Underground in late-1971, then led by non-original member Doug Yule (with whom he had played in the Boston-based Glass Menagerie), touring in support of "Loaded" in Great Britain and the Netherlands. Alexander was originally scheduled to play on the last original LP released under the name of "The Velvet Underground" in 1973, "Squeeze", but ultimately that LP was played almost entirely by Doug Yule. Alexander is also a songwriter and composer.
Member of
The Lost [US]


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