Dickie Goodman

Dickie Goodman
Dickie Goodman & Dr. I.M. Ill
Dickie Goodman & Ruthie
The Pennsylvania Players
Real name
Richard Dorian Goodman
April 19, 1934
November 6, 1989
United States
00061383196 22 works
00061383294 12 works
One of the earliest proponents of sampling in music. He was a music and record producer born in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for inventing and using the technique of the "break-in", an early precursor to sampling, that used brief clips of popular records and songs to "answer" comedic questions posed by voice actors on his novelty records.
The Glass Bottle Producer


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Title Performer Release date Label
America '81 Dickie Goodman 1981 Wacko Records
Batman & His Grandmother Dickie Goodman 1966 Red Bird
Ben Crazy Dickie Goodman & Dr. I.M. Ill May 1962 JMD Records
Berlin Top Ten Dickie Goodman September 1961 Rori
Energy Crisis '74 Dickie Goodman February 1974 Rainy Wednesday Records
Flying Saucer the 2nd Buchanan and Goodman June 1957 Luniverse Records
Flying Saucer the 3rd Buchanan & Goodman July 1959 Comic Records
Frankenstein of '59 Buchanan & Goodman with Count Dracula February 1959 Novelty Records
Gerry Ford - A Special Report Dickie Goodman September 1974 Rainy Wednesday Records
Inflation of the Nation Dickie Goodman November 1974 Rainy Wednesday Records
Luna Trip - My Victrola Dickie Goodman - Joey Pastrana August 1969 Cotique Records
Mr. Jaws Dickie Goodman 1975 Cash Records
Mr. President Dickie Goodman May 1974 Rainy Wednesday Records
On Campus - Mombo Suzie Dickie Goodman - Johnny Colon June 1969 Cotique Records
Presidential Interview (Flying Saucer '64) Dickie Goodman October 1964 Audio Spectrum
Santa & The Touchables Dickie Goodman December 1961 Rori
Senate Hearing Dickie Goodman October 1963 20th Century Fox Records [1963-1972]
Speaking of Ecology Dickie Goodman & Ruthie 1971 Ramgo Records
Star Warts Dickie Goodman July 1977 Janus Records
Super, Superman Dickie Goodman 1979 (self-released)
The Banana Boat Story Buchanan and Goodman May 1957 Luniverse Records
The Flying Saucer Buchanan and Goodman July 25, 1956 Luniverse Records
The Flying Saucer Goes West - Saucer Serenade Buchanan and Goodman - The Saucer Men 1958 Luniverse Records
The Purple People Eater Dickie Goodman August 1973 Rainy Wednesday Records
The Touchables Dickie Goodman January 1961 Mark-X Records
The Touchables in Brooklyn Dickie Goodman April 1961 Mark-X Records
Washington Uptight The Pennsylvania Players March 1968 Oron
Watergrate Dickie Goodman June 1973 Rainy Wednesday Records