Meier's Clan

Meier's Clan
Saxophone quartet from Potsdam named after Werner Meier, the saxophone teacher of the four members of the quartet: Ralf Benschu, Matthias Wacker, Mark Wallbrecht and Sebastian Hillmann. It was founded in honour of Werner Meier's 70th birthday.


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Covers by Meier's Clan

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2004 (unknown), Diane and Annita
February 2006 Marilyn Cooper, Chita Rivera & Girls
2004 Symphony orchestra conducted by Edvard Grieg
2004 (unknown), W.D. McFarland
2013 John Williams - The London Symphony Orchestra
2015 Comedian Harmonists
2013 Sting
February 2006 Line Renaud
2013 Little Willie John
2013 Ray Noble and His Orchestra featuring Jack Dumont, Alto Sax
2015 Weintraub Syncopators
2004 Symphony orchestra conducted by Edvard Grieg
2015 John Barry
February 2006 Kurt Gerron
2013 Comedian Harmonists
2015 Lalo Schifrin
2015 Ennio Morricone
February 2006 Roma Bahn
2004 Kirov Ballet
2015 John Williams
2013 Charlie Parker
February 2006 Stevie Wonder
2015 Adele
2004 Symphony orchestra conducted by Edvard Grieg
2013 Phillip Glasser and Betsy Cathcart
2004 Abbie Mitchell
2004 The Dave Brubeck Quartet
2013 Victor Argentine Orchestra
2004 Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
2004 The Beatles
February 2006 Randy Randolph