Bernard Manning

Bernard Manning
Real name
Bernard John Manning
August 13, 1930
June 18, 2007
United Kingdom
Comedian and nightclub owner. Famous on British television during the 1970s, appearing on shows including The Comedians and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club. The controversy surrounding his act meant that Manning was rarely seen on television in the later part of his career,


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Covers by Bernard Manning

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1975 (unknown)
1975 Joe Loss and His Band - Vocalist Annette Mills
1975 (unknown), (unknown)
1975 The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra under the Direction of Henry Hall, Dink Res, Syd Palmer and The Gang, Flanagan and Allen
1975 (unknown), Haydn Quartet, Katie Lawrence, The Variety Singers, Sam Doctor
1975 Ruth Etting
1976 (unknown), (unknown), Bing Crosby
1975 Billy Murray and American Quartet, Al Jolson, Harry Macdonough & Miss Walton
1972 Bee Gees
1975 The Ink Spots
1975 Al Jolson
1976 George Robey and Violet Loraine, Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake 7
1975 Doris Day and Nestor Amaral
1975 (unknown)
1975 Lupino Lane, Teddie St. Denis and Company
1975 Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
1976 Ella Logan with Bill Harty Orchestra
1975 Francis Lai & His Orchestra
1975 Mayo Methot
March 23, 1973 Broadway Broadcasters
1975 Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson, Steve Porter, (unknown)
1975 Dennis King & Arthur Dragon
1975 Mr. Harry Lauder, Harry Lauder, Andy Stewart, (unknown), Florrie Forde
1975 Mark Sheridan, Ted Yorke, W Raymond, Ella Retford, Charles Coborn, Primo Scala and His Banjo and Accordion Band with The Keynotes
1976 Sam Lanin's Orchestra, Ella Shields
1975 Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra, Freddy Quinn
1975 Johnny Mandel
1975 Julia Sanderson and Donald Brian
1975 Victor Young and His Orchestra
1976 Chauncey Olcott, Mr. Harry Lauder
1976 Benešova Dechová Hudba, (unknown), George Formby and His Ukulele with Orchestra, Vera Lynn with Arthur Young on the Novachord, Eddie DeLange and His Orchestra
1976 Mark Sheridan, Ted Yorke
1975 Al Jolson



Title Performer Release date Label
40 All Time Singalong Party Hits Bernard Manning & Joe "Piano" Henderson 1975 Warwick
My Kind of Music Bernard Manning 1975 Warwick


Title Performer Release date Label
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Bernard Manning 1972 Decca
My Wish for You Bernard Manning March 23, 1973 Decca

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
The Wheel Tappers and Shunters Social Club various artists 1976 Granada Television Records Ltd

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