Los Loud Jets

Years active
since 1959
Rock 'n Roll band formed in Mexico City. Pioneers of the first wave of Rock sung in Spanish where the translation to Spanish of current rock 'n roll songs was the norm.
Original line-up:
Eduardo Munguia Castello (Guitar & vocals)
Alejandro Munguia Castello (Guitar & vocals)
Francisco Gastellum Flores (Bass)
Alfredo García Pérez (Saxophone)
Sergio Balderas Crespo (Drums)
Guitarist Victor Constantino was also in the band but soon left to join Los Playboys as vocalist & guitar player.
On March 31, 1962 they start a very long tour visiting many Central & South American & Caribbean countries, as well as a few cities in the USA appearing on popular shows alongside important artists such as Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Pat Boone, Sammy Davis Jr., Maurice Chevalier, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martín & Tom Jones, to name a few. During this period they recorded for many different labels, sometimes going by alternate names such as: The Jumping Beans, The Mexican Jets as well as Los Loud Jets.
Their definitive return to Mexico came in 1979 and are still active to this day.
Alejandro Munguía Castello Lead singer


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