David Kossoff

David Kossoff
Real name
David Kossoff
November 24, 1919
March 23, 2005
United Kingdom
Actor, storyteller and recording artist. He started working in light entertainment on British television in the years following World War II.
His first stage appearance was at the Unity Theatre in 1942 at the age of 23. He took part in numerous plays and films.
He was a Member of the Society of Artists and Designers. In addition to this, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
He was also well known for his story-telling skills, particularly with regard to reinterpreting the Bible.
Following the death in 1976 of his son Paul Kossoff, guitarist with the band Free, Kossoff established the Paul Kossoff Foundation which aimed to present the realities of drug addiction to children. He died in 2005 of liver cancer at age 85.
Paul Kossoff Father


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