Trio de Ouro

Trio de Ouro
Singing group founded by Herivelto Martins, who already had a duo with Francisco Sena called "Preto e Branco" (Black and White). When Martins married the singer Dalva de Oliveira in 1936 she was added to the duo and the "Trio de Ouro" (Golden Trio) was founded. The trio performed and recorded together until 1948. In 1949 Dalva separated from Herivelto. The couple's separation and divorce was prolonged, bitter and public. Their dispute and mutual accusations were featured not only in press coverage, but in the lyrics of songs recorded by each of them. When she left Herivelto one part of the Brazilian public viewed Dalva as a fallen woman and another part, as a rebel and hero.
Herivelto Martins
Dalva de Oliveira


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