Hampton String Quartet

Hampton String Quartet
The Hampton String Quartet
United States
Classically trained string quartet known for performing string quartet versions of popular songs. Members include Regis Iandiorio (first violin), Abe Appleman (second violin), Richard Maximoff (viola), and John Reed (cello).


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Covers by Hampton String Quartet

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1989 Spike Jones and His City Slickers
i 1993 The Beatles
i 1993 Led Zeppelin
i 1988 Shirley Ross
i 1989 Steppenwolf
i 1986 Harry Simeone Chorale
i 1988 The Penguins
i 1989 José Feliciano
i 1993 The Jimi Hendrix Experience
i 1986 Gene Autry and The Cass County Boys
i 1988 The Silhouettes [US1]
i 1989 The Beach Boys
i 2005 (unknown)
i 1986 Judy Garland with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra
i 1989 Gene Autry
i 1989 Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones
i 1993 The Rolling Stones
i 1989 Bing Crosby
i 1989 Jimmy Boyd accompanied by Norman Luboff
i 1989 Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra
i 1986 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra
i 1989 The Doors
i 1988 King Cole with Orchestra conducted by Frank DeVol
i 2005 (unknown)
i 1993 Jimi Hendrix Experience
i 1988 Chuck Berry and His Combo
i 1986 Gene Autry and The Pinafores with Orchestral Accompaniment
i 1989 Eddie Cantor
i 1993 (unknown), Gordon Heath and Lee Payant, Simon and Garfunkel
i 1989 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
i 1989 Boston Pops Orchestra
i 1989 Led Zeppelin
i 1988 Ben E. King
i 1989 The Supremes
i 1989 Cream
i 1993 The Rolling Stones
i 1989 The Chipmunks with The Music of David Seville
i 1986 The King Cole Trio with String Choir
i 1988 The Platters
i 1986 The Trapp Family Singers
i 1988 The Teddy Bears
i 1988 Johnny Smith
i 1986 Angela Lansbury, Frankie Michaels, Jane Connell and Sab Shimono
i 2005 (unknown)
i 1986 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
i 1989 The Great Society with Grace Slick
i 1993 The Who
i 1993 Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin
i 1986 Richard Himber & His Orchestra
i 1988 Johnny Mathis with Ray Conniff and His Orchestra and Chorus
i 1989 The Righteous Brothers