Audrey Lavine

Audrey Lavine
United States
Classically trained cabaret singer.


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Covers by Audrey Lavine

Title Performer Release date Originally by
September 2002 Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston and His Orchestra, Harold Arlen
September 2002 Lena Horne and Avon Long
September 2002 Ruby Hill, Harold Nicholas
2000 Ted Weems and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Country Washburn
2000 Fred Astaire, Adele Astaire & Cliff Edwards
2000 David Rose and His Orchestra
2000 Elkie Brooks
2000 Bobbe Arnst
2000 Lillian Shade
2000 June Hawkins
September 2002 Harold Arlen - Piano Accompaniment by Arthur Schutt
September 2002 Diahann Carroll
September 2002 Tony Martin
September 2002 Lawrence Tibbett and Virginia Bruce
2000 The Clovers
2000 Baron Lee and His Blue Rhythm Band
2000 Ruth Etting
2000 Billy Joel
2000 Waylon Jennings
2000 Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra and The Ken Darby Singers

Songs written by Audrey Lavine

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