Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream
Founded in (West) Berlin in 1968, this for decades was a very influential, pioneering and internationally acknowledged electronic music formation. Also composers/performers of many soundtracks. Underwent many member changes.
Edgar Froese Co-founder and only consistant member
Christopher Franke 1970-1987
Steve Jolliffe 1968-1969, 1978 and on and off
Michael Hoenig (1975 - 1976)
Thorsten Quaeschning Keyboards, electronic drums and occasional vocals (2005 -)
Peter Baumann 1971 - 1977
Klaus Schulze 1969 - 1970
Paul Haslinger


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
1978 Giez
i 1979 Rey
i 1982 Ricky King
i 1986 Rey
i 1981 Dean DeBenedictis
i 1979 Rey
i October 1976 Inter-Mase
Sampled by DJ Shadow
i 1985 The Power Pack Orchestra
i December 1982 Supersonic
i 1984 (4 artists)
i 1978 Electric Moon
i July 1977 (2 artists)
i 1982 Supersonic Project
i February 1974 (2 artists)
i March 1975 TD Experience
i October 1976 Token Angle
i 1980 (2 artists)
i 1982 (2 artists)

Covers by Tangerine Dream

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1987 Meat Loaf with Brian May
December 2010 Gerard McMann
i 1996 The Beatles
December 2010 R.E.M.
December 2010 Alphaville
December 2010 Leonard Cohen
December 2010 David Bowie
December 2010 Eagles
i House of the Rising Sun Tangerine Dream 2010 Unverified
December 2010 Goo Goo Dolls
i April 25, 2013 Brian May
March 25, 2010 The Beatles
i February 14, 1994 (unknown)
December 2010 Depeche Mode
December 2010 David Bowie
December 2010 Judy Collins
December 2010 Kraftwerk
i Tomorrow Never Knows Tangerine Dream Unverified
April 25, 2013 Queen
December 2010 Chris Isaak
December 2010 Pink Floyd

Sampled songs

Title Performer Release date Info
i October 1976 Covered by Inter-Mase
Sampled by DJ Shadow



Title Performer Release date Label
Booster Vol. II Tangerine Dream 2008 Eastgate
Cyclone Tangerine Dream 1978 Virgin
Exit Tangerine Dream 1981 Virgin
Force Majeure Tangerine Dream 1979 Virgin
Le Parc Tangerine Dream 1985 Jive Electro
Logos Live Tangerine Dream December 1982 Virgin
Phaedra Tangerine Dream February 1974 Virgin
Rubycon Tangerine Dream March 1975 Virgin
Sorcerer - Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tangerine Dream July 1977 MCA Records
Starmus - Sonic Universe Tangerine Dream and Brian May April 25, 2013 Eastgate
Stratosfear Tangerine Dream October 1976 Virgin
Tangram Tangerine Dream 1980 Virgin
Turn of the Tides Tangerine Dream February 14, 1994 Virgin
Under Cover - Chapter One Tangerine Dream December 2010 Eastgate
Underwater Sunlight Tangerine Dream 1986 Jive Electro
White Eagle Tangerine Dream 1982 Virgin


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