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Real name
Ivor Pomerance
October 22, 1926
June 4, 1990
United Kingdom
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Ivor Raymonde studied at Trinity College of Music, and initially entered professional music as a jazz and classical pianist. He played in a variety of bands, and started leading his own band by the early 1950s. He then became a music director at the BBC, alongside Wally Stott, where he supervised recording sessions.
He also worked as a session musician on occasion, playing on and arranging skiffle star Johnny Duncan's
hit "Last Train from San Fernando." From the BBC, he then moved on to become a producer at Philips Records, where he produced hits for Marty Wilde, The Springfields, Frankie Vaughan and Anne Shelton. When Dusty Springfield decided to go solo with a new, soulful sound, late in 1963, he'd written a tune while on vacation that he played for her, and which the singer enjoyed, and then got lyricist Mike Hawker to add words, and that song became "I Only Want to Be with You." Raymonde's relationship with Springfield lasted until the late '60s, when she moved toward a more distinctly American-style soul sound in Memphis and Philadelphia.
Later he produced for Decca but kept writing arrangements. For now, there are hundreds of his arrangements, spread all over the world.
His son Simon Raymonde, formerly a bassist with Drowning Craze, and Kieron Tyler (Journalist and friend) had collected a wonderful compilation of 28 songs where Ivor Raymonde had the hand in and released them on the doubble album "Paradise - The Sound of Ivor Raymonde". A year later, followed by a compilation of 25 songs on the second doubble album "Odyssey – The Sound of Ivor Raymonde vol. II". Both only released in the UK and available by internet (Bella Union label).
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