Rolf Wikström

Rolf Wikström
Roffe Wikström
Real name
Rolf Julius Wikström
April 5, 1949
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Blues oriented guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. After having been in several bands and backing other artists, Wikström in the mid 1970s started a career in his own rights.
Member of
Hjärtslag Leader
Slim Notini Wikström played in Slim's Blues Gang and Notini later in Wikström's bands
Max Lorentz Frequent sideman and producer of


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Covers by Rolf Wikström

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1994 (unknown)
1994 Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers
1979 Geater Davis
i 2002 Albert Collins
1996 Lillebror Söderlundh
2011 John Denver
2011 Charles Brown, Rolf Wikström's Hjärtslag
1992 Muddy Waters and His Guitar
2006 Earl Hines and His Orchestra, Rolf Wikström's Hjärtslag
1996 Harry Brandelius med Lille Bror Söderlundhs orkester

Songs written by Rolf Wikström

Original songs

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Bedragen och besviken Rolf Wikström Double Trouble Rolf Wikströms Hjärtslag
Bluesen läker dina sår Rolf Wikström I'll Play the Blues for You Rolf Wikström
Du ger mig kärlek Rolf Wikström It Keeps You Runnin' Svante Thuresson
Jag tänker hålla ut Rolf Wikström I'm Gonna Push On Rolf Wikström's Hjärtslag Covered by Rolf Wikström
Jag vill bara älska med dig Rolf Wikström Just Make Love to Me Rolf Wikström
Jävla måndag Rolf Wikström Stormy Monday Blues Rolf Wikström's Hjärtslag Covered by Rolf Wikström
Jorden är ett dårhus Rolf Wikström Danger Zone Rolf Wikströms Hjärtslag
Led mig hem, gamla väg Rolf Wikström Take Me Home, Country Roads Rolf Wikström
Mindre och mindre Rolf Wikström Minute by Minute Svante Thuresson
Om det är fel att älska dej Rolf Wikström If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right) Svante Thuresson
Stanna kvar hos mej Rolf Wikström Baby, Please Don't Go Roffe Wikström



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