Open Records Studio Artists

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Session musicians who record variously for Open Records [ES], Marathon Media and Countdown Media. Songs often appear on different releases credited to completely different artist aliases.
Kellie Austin
Garrett Stevens
Michael Fox
Megan Goldwait
Ashley Cornell
Phillip Moore
Ramón [session]
Jeffrey Matkins
Shania Robson
Noise Reaction
Helen Hat
Teresa Cooper
Lee Ann Holder
Loretta Cryner
Andy Rivalta
Leena Purl
Natalie Elders
Zenithal Whistle
Dana Lonnegan
Dianne Spall
Eleanor Kosza
Enay Taylor
Gerardo Seijas
Isabelle Castro
Lindsay Shawn
Los de la Decada
Louis Perkins
Mónica Guillén
MTV Galaxy
Michelle Smith
Naomi Rogen
Paolo Massi
Patrick Song
Ray Adams [session]
Shailene Paxton
Sony Frank
Thais Prado
Amber Clark
The Brown Brothers
Walter Hudson
Darío Valverde
Elizabeth Ferguson
Robert Rush
The Goodness
Natasha Schultz
Sarah Overmeyer
John Cloony
Patrick Oliver
Andrea Coleman
Melissa Ferguson
Alejandra Dune
Calvin Lengwood
Cathelyn Morgan
Fletan Power
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