Open Records Studio Artists

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101 Strings Orchestra [Open Records]
22 Pop Urban
The 60's Pop Band
80's Love Band
The 80's Party Band
80's Pop Band
The Angels [session]
Anouk Horner
Ashley Cornell
Bad Girls [session]
Bad Girls Band
Banda caliente
Bárbara Jackson
Black Desire
Black Girl Power
Black Men
The Black Power
Black Power
The Black Rappers
Black Rasta Power
Black & White [Open Records]
Bloody Customs
Boom the Bass
Brandon Castle
The British Pop Band
The Brown Sisters [Open Records]
Calvin Lengwood
Carolina Klein
Cathelyn Morgan
Chris Warren
The Classic String Orchestra
The Cool Cats [Open Records]
Cool Sensation
Cosmic Noise
The Countdown Kids
Danny Barrientos
David Clooney
The Dixleys
DJ Disco-Tec
DJ Funky
DJ in the Night
DJ Jump
The Eight Group
The Eighties Band
The Eighties Group
Elena Adams
Elías Méndez
The Falling Devices
Fletan Power
The Fool Wasters
Frank Domingo
Gabriela [Open Records]
Gareth Johnson
George Vekan Band
Gloria Parker
The Grey Chapters
The Happy Kidz
Heat Waves
Helen Hat
Helena Adams
Impact Band
Irvin Uzoner
Isabelle Castro
Italia Connection Stars
Jamaican Blue Stars
The Jamaican Reggae Band
Jennifer Bullock
Jennifer's Big Band
John Spencer [session]
Josh Roney
Judith Doralice
Julia Ward
Kellie Austin
The Kingfishers
La Banda del Pop
Large Orchestra Instrumental
Larry Jones
Larry Jones & Tracy White
The Latin Boys
The Latin Girls
Latin System
Lawrence Burkey
Lídice Foster
Lim Logan
Lindsay Shawn
Livingstone Orchestra & Singers
Lonely Earth
The Love Band
The Lovers [Open Records]
Mark Crush
Mark Kyllon
Melanie Miller
Melissa Barrena
Miami Pearls Orchestra
Orquesta Cinerama
Orquesta Melodia
The Party Band
Patrick Adams
Patrick Jackson
Patrick Krause
The Pipers of Heaven
Pop Urban Band
Preston Blanket
Randy Carson
The Rasta Boys
The Rockers
Romantic Pop Band
The Royal Piano Orchestra
Samanta Fix
Sandra Evax
Sandran Bullock
Sex on the Beach
Shannon Travis
Shine Happiness
The Sliced Branches
Studio Group [Open Records]
The Studio Sound Ensemble
Summer System
The Super Kidz
Sussan Kameron
Sweet Greetings
Swordbelt's Band
Tracy White
The USA Pop Band
Voces del cine infantil
Walker Hudson
Walter Hudson
William Malick
The Winetasters
X-Treme [Open Records]
Xandepaulo & Calvin Lengwood
XTC Planet
Zen [Open Records]
Zoe [Open Records]
Zoe Harris
Session musicians whose recordings released variously for Open Records [ES], Marathon Media and Countdown Media. Songs often appear on different releases credited to completely different artist aliases.
Michael Fox
Megan Goldwait
Phillip Moore
Ramón [session]
Jeffrey Matkins
Shania Robson
Noise Reaction
Teresa Cooper
Lee Ann Holder
Andy Rivalta
Leena Purl
Natalie Elders
Zenithal Whistle
Dana Lonnegan
Dianne Spall
Eleanor Kosza
Enay Taylor
Gerardo Seijas
Los de la Decada
Louis Perkins
Mónica Guillén
MTV Galaxy
Michelle Smith
Naomi Rogen
Paolo Massi
Patrick Song
Shailene Paxton
Sony Frank
Thais Prado
Amber Clark
The Brown Brothers
Darío Valverde
Elizabeth Ferguson
Robert Rush
The Goodness
Natasha Schultz
Sarah Overmeyer
John Cloony
Patrick Oliver
Andrea Coleman
Melissa Ferguson
Alejandra Dune
Addy Rhodes
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