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Title Performer Release date Label
A Kind of Hush Carpenters June 11, 1976 A&M Records
An Old-Fashioned Christmas Carpenters October 1984 A&M Records
Anthology Carpenters 1981 A&M Records
A Song for You Carpenters June 13, 1972 A&M Records
As Time Goes By Carpenters 2001 Universal International
Carpenters Carpenters May 14, 1971 A&M Records
Christmas Portrait Carpenters October 13, 1978 A&M Records
Close to You Carpenters August 19, 1970 A&M Records
Horizon Carpenters June 6, 1975 A&M Records
Interpretations - A 25th Anniversary Celebration Carpenters 1995 A&M Records
Live at the Palladium Carpenters 1976 A&M Records
Lovelines Carpenters October 31, 1989 A&M Records
Made in America Carpenters June 16, 1981 A&M Records
Now & Then Carpenters May 1, 1973 A&M Records
Offering Carpenters October 9, 1969 A&M Records
Passage Carpenters September 23, 1977 A&M Records
Voice of the Heart Carpenters October 18, 1983 A&M Records


Title Performer Release date Label
All You Get from Love Is a Love Song Carpenters May 1977 A&M Records
Christmas Song Carpenters November 11, 1977 A&M Records
For All We Know Carpenters January 1971 A&M Records
Hurting Each Other Carpenters December 23, 1971 A&M Records
I Believe You Carpenters June 1978 A&M Records
It's Going to Take Some Time Carpenters April 1972 A&M Records
Make Believe It's Your First Time Carpenters September 1983 A&M Records
Merry Christmas, Darling Carpenters November 1970 A&M Records
Only Yesterday Carpenters March 1975 A&M Records
Please Mr. Postman Carpenters November 1974 A&M Records
Rainy Days and Mondays Carpenters April 1971 A&M Records
Sing Carpenters January 1973 A&M Records
There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World) Carpenters February 1976 A&M Records
(They Long to Be) Close to You Carpenters May 20, 1970 A&M Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Bless the Beasts & Children - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording various artists 1971 A&M Records


Title Performer Release date Label
The Music of the Carpenters Randy Waldman June 2003 Liquid 8 Records
Carpenters Avenue Isabella Taviani March 18, 2016 Coqueiro Verde
On siitä aikaa, kun radiota kuunneltiin... Anne Mattila 2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Carpenters Brazil Connection Margaux [AR] August 8, 2011 Klásico Records
Instrumental Carpenters Fabulous Studio Artists November 10, 2003 Fabulous
Close to You - Love Songs of The Carpenters Stan Whitmire 2000 Green Hill
Yesterday Once More - A Tribute to the Music of the Carpenters Jim Brickman 2011 Green Hill
Close to You - 14 enestående Carpenters klassikere Jette Torp September 19, 2011 Sony Music
The Carpenters Collection Richard Clayderman 1995 Delphine
Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters Song Book Nicki Parrott June 15, 2016 Venus Records
Babies Go Carpenters Sweet Little Band 2006 RGS Music
A Tribute to The Carpenters Alan Caddy Orchestra & Singers 1972 Avenue Recordings
The Top of the Poppers Sing & Play The Carpenters' Greatest Hits The Top of the Poppers 1974 Hallmark Records
God Save The Carpenters Nicotine June 17, 2009 Sky Records
A Tribute to the Carpenters The Secret Popstars April 25, 2012 Dressed to Kill
Sing Once More - Dear Carpenters Marica Hiraga November 25, 2009 BounDEE
Classic Carpenters Dami Im April 22, 2016 Sony Music
Bossa Grooves! Revisiting Carpenters various artists May 15, 2006 Albatroz Music
If I Were a Carpenter various artists 1994 A&M Records
Yesterday Once More - Tribute to The Carpenters various artists March 25, 2009 Universal Music Japan