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Title Performer Release date Label
Voice of the Heart Carpenters October 18, 1983 A&M Records
Passage Carpenters September 23, 1977 A&M Records
Offering Carpenters October 9, 1969 A&M Records
Now & Then Carpenters May 1, 1973 A&M Records
Made in America Carpenters June 16, 1981 A&M Records
Lovelines Carpenters October 31, 1989 A&M Records
Live at the Palladium Carpenters 1976 A&M Records
Interpretations - A 25th Anniversary Celebration Carpenters 1995 A&M Records
Horizon Carpenters June 6, 1975 A&M Records
Close to You Carpenters August 19, 1970 A&M Records
Christmas Portrait Carpenters October 13, 1978 A&M Records
Carpenters Carpenters May 14, 1971 A&M Records
As Time Goes By Carpenters August 2001 Universal International
A Song for You Carpenters June 13, 1972 A&M Records
Anthology Carpenters 1981 A&M Records
An Old-Fashioned Christmas Carpenters October 1984 A&M Records
A Kind of Hush Carpenters June 11, 1976 A&M Records


Title Performer Release date Label
(They Long to Be) Close to You Carpenters May 20, 1970 A&M Records
There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World) Carpenters February 1976 A&M Records
Sing Carpenters January 1973 A&M Records
Rainy Days and Mondays Carpenters April 1971 A&M Records
Please Mr. Postman Carpenters November 1974 A&M Records
Only Yesterday Carpenters March 1975 A&M Records
Merry Christmas, Darling Carpenters November 1970 A&M Records
Make Believe It's Your First Time Carpenters September 1983 A&M Records
It's Going to Take Some Time Carpenters April 1972 A&M Records
I Believe You Carpenters June 1978 A&M Records
Hurting Each Other Carpenters December 23, 1971 A&M Records
For All We Know Carpenters January 1971 A&M Records
Christmas Song Carpenters November 11, 1977 A&M Records
All You Get from Love Is a Love Song Carpenters May 1977 A&M Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Bless the Beasts & Children - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording various artists 1971 A&M Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Yesterday Once More - Tribute to The Carpenters various artists March 25, 2009 Universal Music Japan
Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters Song Book Nicki Parrott June 15, 2016 Venus Records
Yesterday Once More - A Tribute to the Music of the Carpenters Jim Brickman 2011 Green Hill
The Top of the Poppers Sing & Play The Carpenters' Greatest Hits The Top of the Poppers 1974 Hallmark Records
The Music of the Carpenters Randy Waldman June 2003 Liquid 8 Records
The Carpenters Collection Richard Clayderman 1995 Delphine
Sing Once More - Dear Carpenters Marica Hiraga November 25, 2009 BounDEE
On siitä aikaa, kun radiota kuunneltiin... Anne Mattila 2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Instrumental Carpenters Fabulous Studio Artists November 10, 2003 Fabulous
If I Were a Carpenter various artists 1994 A&M Records
God Save The Carpenters Nicotine June 17, 2009 Sky Records
Close to You - Love Songs of The Carpenters Stan Whitmire 2000 Green Hill
Close to You - 14 enestående Carpenters klassikere Jette Torp September 19, 2011 Sony Music
Classic Carpenters Dami Im April 22, 2016 Sony Music
Carpenters Brazil Connection Margaux [AR] August 8, 2011 Klásico Records
Carpenters Avenue Isabella Taviani March 18, 2016 Coqueiro Verde
Bossa Grooves! Revisiting Carpenters various artists May 15, 2006 Albatroz Music
Babies Go Carpenters Sweet Little Band 2006 RGS Music
A Tribute to The Carpenters Alan Caddy 1972 Avenue Recordings
A Tribute to the Carpenters The Secret Popstars April 25, 2012 Dressed to Kill