The Carter Family

A. P. Carter and Family
Carter Family
The Original Carter Family
The Original Carter Family - Featuring A. P. Carter
Years active
since 1927
United States
They were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1970.
The Carter Family first generation: A.P. Carter , Sara Carter and Maybelle Carter
The Carter Family second generation : A.P. Carter , Sara Carter , Joe Carter [US3] and Janette Carter
A.P. Carter Vocals (1927-1944; 1952-1956)
Maybelle Carter Guitar, vocals (1926-1943)
Sara Carter Vocals, autoharp (1927-1944; 1952-1956)
June Carter (1939-1940)
Janette Carter (1939-1940; 1952-1956)
Joe Carter [US3] (1952–1956)
The Carter Sisters


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
1972 Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys
August 26, 1932 (7 artists)
March 1929 (15 artists)
October 1940 (6 artists)
October 1940 (6 artists)
July 1953 (2 artists)
October 1940 Carlene Carter with Elizabeth Cook
December 1929 (11 artists)
 REL December 1962 (82 artists)
Originally by Burl Ives REC
March 1936 (2 artists)
October 1932 (7 artists)
October 1928 (2 artists)
September 1938 (9 artists)
November 1941 (7 artists)
January 1931 (8 artists)
June 20, 1930 (8 artists)
1974 (3 artists)
January 4, 1929 (7 artists)
January 1936 (19 artists)
August 1933 (14 artists)
July 1929 (15 artists)
August 1933 (33 artists)
July 1936 (22 artists)
January 1938 (29 artists)
1965 Mac Martin and The Dixie Travelers
October 1928 (24 artists)
1938 (2 artists)
December 1934 (63 artists)
1938 (62 artists)
May 1939 (4 artists)
February 1935 (4 artists)
January 1939 Suzanne Thomas
August 1936 (6 artists)
August 1928 (84 artists)
March 1936 (4 artists)
August 1930 (4 artists)
July 1935 (12 artists)
November 1928 (32 artists)
Sampled by Benjamin Biolay
January 1928 (2 artists)
February 5, 1943 (3 artists)
October 1932 (11 artists)
1952 Ralph Stanley
September 1937 (9 artists)
July 1935 (2 artists)
December 1940 (10 artists)
April 1929 (11 artists)
 REC 1990 (14 artists)
Originally by Clyde Moody and Brown's Ferry Four REL
March 1941 (4 artists)
September 8, 1936 Glen Meadmore
June 1936 (8 artists)
June 1936 (13 artists)
February 1931 (3 artists)
April 18, 1930 (6 artists)
July 1938 (4 artists)
1935 (2 artists)
January 1935 (3 artists)
November 1933 (4 artists)
1938 The Foghorn Stringband
1965 (2 artists)
1956 (12 artists)
December 1936 (22 artists)
1965 (3 artists)
December 28, 1962 (5 artists)
October 1929 (3 artists)
January 1937 (3 artists)
April 1931 (3 artists)
May 1933 (5 artists)
February 1930 (11 artists)
March 1932 (3 artists)
March 1942 (5 artists)
November 1929 (4 artists)
December 9, 1930 (2 artists)
August 1930 (5 artists)
December 1927 (6 artists)
May 1935 (2 artists)
June 5, 1935 (9 artists)
January 1933 Bill Clifton & Red Rector
October 1927 (42 artists)
1956 (4 artists)
May 1944 (6 artists)
July 1933 (14 artists)
August 1931 (22 artists)
April 18, 1930 (16 artists)
 REC 1965 Heidi Talbot
Originally by Delmore Brothers REL
August 1930 (11 artists)
August 1930 (2 artists)
October 1, 1988 (2 artists)
November 1928 (33 artists)
May 1939 (27 artists)
1965 (2 artists)
November 1936 (6 artists)

Covers by The Carter Family

Title Performer Release date Originally by
December 1962 Vera Hall
June 1936 Charles Hart [US]
Covered by (9 artists)
  June 1935 Fred Walz PRF, L. K. Reeder REC,REL
October 1965 Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two
October 1940 (unknown)
December 1936 Carolina Tar Heels
1974 (unknown)
January 1928 Henry Whitter
August 1931 Stove Pipe No. 1 (Sam Jones)
July 1935 William McEwan
Covered by (151 artists)
December 1962 Billy Murray
July 1939 Riley Puckett
November 13, 2007 Dennis Crumpton & Robert Summers
i 1974 Jack Reedy and His Walker Mountain String Band
November 1972 Bill Monroe
1972 Bobby Goldsboro
October 1965 Leadbelly
1935 Marc Williams "The Cowboy Crooner"
1965 (unknown)
November 1929 Uncle Dave Macon
January 1936 David Miller
December 9, 1930 Carl T. Sprague
July 1929 (unknown)
July 1935 Buell Kazee
October 1976 Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
July 1942 Vaughan Happy Two
October 1931 Sid Harkreader
  1967 Peter, Paul and Mary REL, Gordon Lightfoot REC
October 1965 Ian and Sylvia
March 1964 Carter Family
January 1937 Lester McFarland
1974 Bud Billings—Carson Robison (Carson Robison, Frank Luther)
October 1934 Burnett & Rutherford
  November 13, 2007 Waltham Abbey Choir PRF, Columbia Male Quartet REL
June 1934 Byron G. Harlan
October 1965 George Jones
March 1938 Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner
1965 Howard-Peak (The Blind Musicians)
1967 Don Gibson
November 8, 1971 Brown's Ferry Four
1978 Kelly Harrell - Henry Norton with Virginia String Band
March 1929 Vernon Dalhart
Covered by (6 artists)
June 1934 Luther B. Clarke accomp. by Blue Ridge Highballers
1967 The Seekers
September 1933 Geo J. Gaskin
October 1976 Taylor and Davis - Acc. by Cumberland Ridge Runners.
1974 Mississippi Sheiks
1967 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
July 1929 Vernon Dalhart
Covered by (52 artists)
June 1937 Vernon Dalhart
June 1976 "Dock" Walsh
April 9, 1937 (unknown)
  November 8, 1971 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys REC, Clyde Grubb and His Tennessee Valley Boys - Vocal refrain by Leonard Dabney and Clarence Harrell REL
1967 Johnny Cash and Tennessee Two
July 1933 Arizona Dranes
June 1936 Ma Rainey - Acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band
Covered by (14 artists)
December 1937 Vernon Dalhart
May 1931 (unknown)
Covered by (44 artists)
November 1972 Edison Male Quartette
December 1929 Eva Davis
1972 Kenny O'Dell
November 8, 1971 (unknown), Steve Porter
July 1942 Howard Haney
1967 Glen Campbell
November 8, 1971 Edward Allen and Charles Hart
January 1939 (unknown)
July 1929 (unknown)
October 1940 Callahan Brothers
November 1931 (unknown)
April 1931 The Jenkins Family
August 1934 Stoneman Family REC, Weaver Brothers REL
Covered by (15 artists)
October 1929 Walter Morris [1]
1962 (unknown)
November 8, 1971 (unknown), Wiseman Sextet, Heavenly Gospel Singers, Prairie Ramblers
December 1932 (unknown)
October 1965 Pete Seeger with Audience Participation
1970 (unknown), Erich Schrader, Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner
July 1932 Mr. A. C. Campbell
March 1932 Blind Willie Johnson
October 1976 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three
June 1936 (unknown)
Covered by (29 artists)
June 1938 Carolina Tar Heels
1965 Al Craver (Vernon Dalhart)
November 1931 Charlie Oaks
October 1976 Mary Kay James
1972 Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
January 1938 Arthur Tanner
December 1962 Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (The Hill Billies [US])
June 5, 1939 Bo Weavil Jackson
Covered by (5 artists)
November 8, 1971 Propes Quartet
January 1931 Norfolk Jubilee Quartette
July 1932 Georgia Yellow Hammers
1972 Mickey Newbury
Polly Wolly Doodle All Day / My Gold Watch And Chain Carter Family 1997 Unverified
  November 8, 1971 Simmons Sacred Singers REL, Turkey Mountain Singers REC
October 1965 Anita Carter
August 1928 Fisk University Male Quartette
December 1962 Sheb Wooley
July 1935 (unknown)
September 1933 (unknown)
1988 Steve Young
November 1972 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
November 13, 2007 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
October 1927 Kelly Harrell
Covered by (32 artists)
March 1936 (unknown)
1974 The Russell Brothers [US2] PRF, Harry Macdonough REL, Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
March 1942 (unknown)
October 1931 (unknown)
July 1938 Chubby Parker
1982 The Carter Sisters and Maybelle Carter
January 1932 Connie Rosemond
October 1965 Adam Wade
1972 John Denver
December 1962 Lead Belly
Covered by Matanza
April 22, 1932 Ernest V. Stoneman and His Dixie Mountaineers
March 1964 Piedmont Log Rollers - Vocal by Mr. Patterson
May 1938 (unknown)
November 1930 (unknown)
The Church in the Wildwood The Carter Family March 24, 1933 Unverified
October 1934 Buell Kazee
April 1929 (unknown)
Covered by (36 artists)
October 1965 The Weavers
February 1930 Paul Reimers
1974 Rex Griffin
June 1937 Jimmie and Eddie Dean
July 1937 (unknown)
May 1944 Carolina Tar Heels
October 1940 Blind Alfred and Orville Reed
October 26, 1962 Flying Clouds of Detroit
June 1936 The Tietge Sisters
1967 Nancy Sinatra
December 1984 Edith Piaf & Les compagnons de la chanson, The Melody Maids
December 1927 Frank Jenkins of Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters
April 9, 1937 (unknown)
1972 Red Lane
Travelin' Minstrel Band The Carter Family 1972 Unverified
October 1965 Howard Seratt
November 8, 1971 Lulu Belle & Scotty and Five String Banjo
May 1933 Harry Macdonough
December 1932 (unknown), Hugh Cross
December 1962 Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
January 1932 McGhee and Cogar
November 8, 1971 Frank and James McCravy
October 26, 1962 (unknown)
June 20, 1930 George Reneau
1974 Monroe Brothers
1974 Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner
December 1936 (unknown)
1978 Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
March 1964 Harry Macdonough
February 1931 (unknown)
June 1932 The Jenkins Family
October 1938 (unknown)
1974 Jimmie Rodgers-Sara Carter
January 4, 1929 (unknown)
Covered by (114 artists)
1938 Blind Connie Rosemond
January 1933 Henry Burr
November 1930 (unknown)
Covered by (73 artists)
March 1964 (unknown), The Carter Family
October 1965 Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde
March 23, 1999 Burnett & Rutherford, The Pine Ridge Boys
May 1938 Rev. Edward W. Clayborn
October 1938 Floyd County Ramblers

Sampled songs



Title Performer Release date Label
A. P. Carter's Clinch Mountain Ballads The Carter Family 1970 Pine Mountain
Blood, Sweat and Tears Johnny Cash with The Carter Family December 1962 Columbia [US]
Christmas "The Johnny Cash Family" November 1972 Columbia [US]
Country's First Family The Carter Family October 1976 Columbia [US]
Country & Western Classics The Carter Family 1982 Time Life Records
Diamonds in the Rough - Heart Songs, Hymns & Ballads as featured on Border Radio in 1941 Carter Family 1990 Copper Creek Records
Gospel Songs by The Carter Family in Texas - Volume 3 The Carter Family 1978 Old Homestead Records
Keep on the Sunny Side The Carter Family with Special Guest Johnny Cash March 1964 Columbia [US]
Lonesome Pine Special The Carter Family 1971 RCA Camden
The Best of the Carter Family The Carter Family October 1965 Columbia [US]
The Carter Family Album The Carter Family 1962 Liberty
The Carter Family on Border Radio The Carter Family 1974 John Edwards Memorial Foundation
The Carter Family on Border Radio - Vol. 1 The Carter Family 1995 Arhoolie Records
The Carter Family on Border Radio - Vol. 3 The Carter Family March 23, 1999 Arhoolie Records
The Carter Family Sings the Country Album The Carter Family 1967 Columbia [US]
The Happiest Days of All The Original Carter Family - Featuring A. P. Carter 1974 RCA Camden
The Land of Many Churches Merle Haggard & The Strangers with Special Guests Bonnie Owens & The Carter Family November 8, 1971 Capitol Records
Travelin' Minstrel Band The Carter Family 1972 Columbia [US]
"Wildwood Flower" The Carter Family 1988 Mercury


Title Performer Release date Label
Answer to Weeping Willow The Carter Family August 1936 Decca
Are You Tired of Me, My Darling? The Carter Family June 1935 Bluebird
Beautiful Isle o'er the Sea - Pretty Polly The Carter Family - Coon Creek Girls July 1953 Perfect [US1]
Black Jack David The Carter Family October 1940 Conqueror
Bonnie Blue Eyes The Carter Family December 1936 Decca
Buddies in the Saddle The Carter Family October 1940 Conqueror
Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow Carter Family January 1928 Victor
Busted Johnny Cash with The Carter Family December 28, 1962 Columbia [US]
Can't Feel at Home The Carter Family August 1931 Victor
Carter's Blues The Carter Family October 1932 Victor
Charlie and Nellie The Carter Family July 1939 Decca
Chewing Gum Carter Family October 1928 Victor
Coal Miner's Blues The Carter Family September 1938 Decca
Darling Daisies The Carter Family August 1934 Bluebird
Diamonds in the Rough Carter Family November 1929 Victor
Don't Forget Me Little Darling Carter Family January 1936 Perfect [US1]
Don't Forget This Song Carter Family December 9, 1930 Victor
Engine One-Forty-Three Carter Family July 1929 Victor
Faded Coat of Blue The Carter Family July 1935 Bluebird
Fond Affection The Carter Family October 1931 Victor
Give Me Roses While I Live Carter Family 1938 Montgomery Ward
Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine The Carter Family January 1937 Decca
Glory to the Lamb The Carter Family July 1935 Conqueror
Gold Watch and Chain The Carter Family August 1933 Victor
Gospel Ship Carter Family July 1936 Melotone
Happiest Days of All The Carter Family August 26, 1932 Victor
Happy or Lonesome The Carter Family October 1934 Bluebird
Hello, Central! Give Me Heaven The Carter Family June 1934 Bluebird
Home by the Sea The Carter Family 1965 RCA Victor
Home in Tennessee The Carter Family 1965 RCA Victor
I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea) Carter Family March 1929 Victor
I Loved You Better Than You Knew The Carter Family September 1933 Victor
I'm Working on a Building The Carter Family December 1934 Bluebird
In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain The Carter Family September 1937 Decca
In the Shadow of the Pines The Carter Family April 9, 1937 Decca
In the Valley of the Shenandoah The Carter Family November 1941 Bluebird
It Is Better Farther On The Carter Family May 1939 Decca
It'll Aggravate Your Soul The Carter Family February 1935 Bluebird
Jealous Hearted Me The Carter Family June 1936 Decca
Jim Blake's Message The Carter Family December 1937 Decca
John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man The Carter Family December 1929 Victor
Just a Few More Days The Carter Family January 1939 Decca
Keep on the Firing Line The Carter Family July 1942 Bluebird
Kissing Is a Crime Carter Family March 1936 Conqueror
Lay My Head Beneath the Rose The Carter Family November 1936 Decca
Let's Be Lovers Again Carter Family July 1935 Conqueror
Little Moses Carter Family July 1929 Victor
Little Poplar Log House on the Hill The Carter Family October 1940 Conqueror
Little Poplar Log House on the Hill The Carter Family March 1941 OKeh
Lonesome Valley The Carter Family April 1931 Victor
Lonesome Valley Carter Family July 1937 Melotone
Longing for Home A. P. Carter and Family 1952 Acme Records [US1]
Lord I'm in Your Care The Carter Family March 1938 Decca
March Winds Goin' to Blow My Blues All Away The Carter Family July 1935 Bluebird
Meeting in the Air The Carter Family December 1940 OKeh
Meet Me by Moonlight, Alone The Carter Family December 1932 Victor
My Clinch Mountain Home Carter Family April 1929 Victor
My Dixie Darling The Carter Family June 1936 Decca
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains The Carter Family June 1938 Decca
My Little Home in Tennessee The Carter Family 1965 RCA Victor
My Old Cottage Home The Carter Family November 1931 Victor
Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand of You The Carter Family January 1938 Decca
No Depression The Carter Family June 1936 Decca
Oh, Take Me Back The Carter Family July 1938 Decca
On a Hill Lone and Gray The Carter Family 1935 Montgomery Ward
One Little Word The Carter Family January 1935 Bluebird
On My Way to Canaan's Land The Carter Family June 5, 1939 Bluebird
On the Rock Where Moses Stood The Carter Family January 1931 Victor
On the Sea of Galilee The Carter Family November 1933 Victor
Over the Garden Wall Carter Family 1938 Montgomery Ward
Papa's Sugar The Carter Family June 1976 Columbia [US]
Picture on the Wall The Carter Family July 1932 Victor
River of Jordan Carter Family August 1928 Victor
Sad and Lonesome Day Carter Family December 1936 Conqueror
School House on the Hill The Carter Family 1965 RCA Victor
Single Girl, Married Girl The Carter Family October 1927 Victor
Sinking in the Lonesome Sea Carter Family March 1936 Conqueror
Sunshine in the Shadows The Carter Family January 1932 Victor
Sweet Fern The Carter Family October 1929 Victor
Tell Me That You Love Me The Carter Family April 22, 1932 Victor
The Dying Soldier The Carter Family March 1932 Victor
The Girl on the Greenbrier Shore The Carter Family March 1942 Bluebird
The Homestead on the Farm Carter Family February 1930 Victor
The Last Move for Me The Carter Family June 1937 Decca
The Lovers' Farewell The Carter Family August 1930 Victor
The Poor Orphan Child The Carter Family December 1927 Victor
There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy The Carter Family May 1935 Bluebird
There'll Be No Distinction There The Carter Family October 1940 Conqueror
(There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (for Me) Johnny Cash and The Carter Family October 26, 1962 Columbia [US]
There's No Hiding Place down Here The Carter Family June 5, 1935 Bluebird
There's Someone Awaiting for Me The Carter Family May 1931 Victor
The Wandering Boy Carter Family 1938 Montgomery Ward
The Wave on the Sea The Carter Family May 1944 Bluebird
The Winding Stream The Carter Family July 1933 Victor
Two Sweethearts The Carter Family May 1933 Victor
Western Hobo The Carter Family June 20, 1930 Victor
When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland The Carter Family April 18, 1930 Victor
When the World's on Fire The Carter Family August 1930 Victor
Where Shall I Be? The Carter Family February 1931 Victor
Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way The Carter Family September 8, 1936 Decca
Where We'll Never Grow Old The Carter Family June 1932 Victor
Why Do You Cry, Little Darling? The Carter Family February 5, 1943 Bluebird
Wildwood Flower Carter Family January 4, 1929 Victor
Will My Mother Know Me There? Carter Family 1938 Montgomery Ward
Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven The Carter Family January 1933 Victor
Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? Carter Family November 1928 Victor
Worried Man Blues The Carter Family November 1930 Victor
You Better Let That Liar Alone The Carter Family May 1938 Decca
Young Freda Bolt The Carter Family October 1938 Decca
You Tied a Love Knot in My Heart The Carter Family 1965 RCA Victor

Performances also appear on


Title Performer Release date Label
A Distant Land to Roam - Songs of The Carter Family Ralph Stanley May 30, 2006 DMZ
Bristol - A Tribute to the Music of The Carter Family Ginny Hawker & Kay Justice August 10, 1999 Copper Creek Records
Carter Family Memorial Album Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys May 1961 Starday Records
Carter Girl Carlene Carter April 8, 2014 Rounder
Country Carter Style The Romaniuk Family 1968 Point Records
Don't Forget Me Little Darling - Remembering The Carter Family Antique Persuasion March 26, 2015 Voxhall Records
Edith Roberts Sings Carter Family Favorite Songs Edith Roberts 1967 Rural Rhythm Records
Keep on the Sunny Side - A Tribute to The Carter Family various artists 1993 Amoeba Records [US1]
Keep on the Sunny Side - The Songs and Story of the Original Carter Family Barter Theatre March 10, 2009 (self-released)
Meeting in the Air - Songs of The Carter Family Sung and Played by Jim Watson, Mike Craver & Tommy Thompson Jim Watson, Mike Craver & Tommy Thompson 1980 Flying Fish
Memories of the Carter Family Verne Koenig 1989 Old Homestead Records
No Depression in Heaven - The Gospel Songs of The Carter Family The Chuck Wagon Gang August 30, 2019 Mountain Home Music Company
Reflections on the Carter Family Ron Penix - Cathy Barton - Dave Para - Jay Round 1981 (self-released)
Sing Me a Carter Family Song Dennis Cash July 1, 2013 Blue Circle Records
Songs of the Carter Family Rick and Thel 1963 Columbia [EMI]
Songs of The Carter Family Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin September 26, 2000 Appleseed Recordings
Songs of the Famous Carter Family Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs featuring Maybelle Carter and The Foggy Mountain Boys August 1961 Columbia [US]
The Hawking Brothers Sing Carter Family The Hawking Brothers 1962 W & G Records
The Unbroken Circle - The Musical Heritage of The Carter Family various artists August 24, 2004 Dualtone
Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper Sing the Carter Family's Greatest Hits Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper March 1977 Starday Records

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