Ben E. King

Ben King
Benjamin Earl King Jr.
Real name
Benjamin Earl Nelson Jr.
September 28, 1938
April 30, 2015
United States
00016225417 13 works
00022175909 4 works
Left The Drifters [US] after he was refused a salary raise by their manager, Lover Patterson.
Member of
The Drifters [US] (1958-1960; 1982-1985)
Five Crowns
Betty Nelson Wife (1964-2015)


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
July 1960 (2 artists)
June 30, 1977 Prince Phillip Mitchell
Sampled by N.W.A
May 1960 (2 artists)
Cry No More Ben E. King 1965 Unverified
1978 Tom Jones
April 1962 (50 artists)
Sampled by De La Soul
January 1965 (6 artists)
January 1962 (16 artists)
1980 ADC Band
December 1960 (5 artists)
January 1964 (8 artists)
September 1961 (4 artists)
February 1963 Lucky Blondo
December 1965 (3 artists)
May 1975 Eddie Lovette
December 1968 (4 artists)
August 1964 (2 artists)
August 1964 P.J. Proby
July 1961 Jerry Williams [SE]
April 1961 (4 artists)
January 1965 (5 artists)
September 1967 (2 artists)
April 1966 (18 artists)
December 1960 (168 artists)
1978 The Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding
April 1961 (411 artists)
Sampled by Sean Kingston
1976 (2 artists)
April 1975 (2 artists)
December 1962 Dobby Dobson
1987 Melba Moore
That's When It Hurts Ben E. King 1964 Unverified
1965 (3 artists)
December 1968 (28 artists)
Too Bad Ben E. King 1962 Unverified
1976 (2 artists)
December 1966 (10 artists)
1980 ADC Band
January 1962 (5 artists)
September 1961 (7 artists)

Covers by Ben E. King

Title Performer Release date Originally by
September 23, 1997 Bruce Springsteen
March 1967 The Righteous Brothers
July 1961 Chucho Martínez Gil - Con la orquesta de J. Sabre Marroquin, Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra
1964 Tony Dallara
Covered by Mink DeVille
February 1962 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
December 1962 Jack Denny and His Orchestra
February 1962 Tommy Tucker Time - Vocal Chorus by Don Brown
July 1961 Emilio Tuero, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
July 1961 Enric Madriguera and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Tito Rodríguez, Larry Stevens with Mahlon Merrick and His Orchestra
1970 The Beatles with Billy Preston
April 1975 Bottom & Co.
February 1962 Bobby Darin
1976 The Main Ingredient
February 1962 Little Willie John
1978 The Originals
1978 Lawrence Hilton Jacobs
June 30, 1977 Foreigner
July 1961 Lupita Palomera con la Orq. Hnos Dominguez, The Mullen Sisters - Tony Mottola and His Orchestra
June 30, 1977 Stephen Michael Schwartz
November 1969 Solomon King - Arranged & Conducted Mike Vickers
December 1965 Jessie Belvin
July 1961 Pedro Vargas con Orquesta, Bing Crosby with The Bando da Lua
1987 Tony Orlando - Orchestra conducted by Chuck Sagle
February 1962 Jerry Butler
Hey Little One Ben E. King 1969 Unverified
1963 Julie Andrews, Philippa Bevans and Cast
1970 James Ray with The Hutch Davie Orch., The Beatles
1976 Ashford and Simpson
June 30, 1977 John Lennon
1970 Wilson Pickett, Bob Dylan
November 1972 Van Morrison
February 1962 Fritz Kreisler - Piano Accompaniment Carl Lamson, Tommy Edwards
January 1965 Gene Chandler
1963 Joe Sentieri
Covered by (112 artists)
June 30, 1977 Average White Band
1978 The Originals
1970 Roger Miller [US-OK]
1987 Clyde McPhatter
February 1962 Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus
February 1962 Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra
February 1962 (unknown), Dinah Shore with Henry René's Orchestra and Chorus
November 1972 Dave Mason [GB]
February 1962 John Michael King
July 1961 Orquesta de Los Hermanos Domínguez, (unknown)
July 1961 (unknown), Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra
1987 The Drifters [US]
February 14, 1995 The Drifters [US]
1970 VInce Edwards
June 30, 1977 Donny Hathaway
1981 Sharon Ridley
July 1961 Nelson Pinedo con La Sonora Matancera, Dean Martin with Orchestra conducted by Dick Stabile
July 1961 Bobby Capo, S. Bolivar Orchestra and Barry Frank
1978 The Originals
November 1972 Orange Bicycle
December 1966 Rick Nelson
1970 Bob Dylan
October 1962 Wally Lewis
February 1962 Orquesta Pedro Via, Jimmie Ague
February 1968 Doris Troy
June 30, 1977 Ben E. King
January 1964 Gilbert Bécaud, Jane Morgan
1968 Jerry Butler
February 1962 The Shirelles
1978 Lawrence Hilton Jacobs

Sampled songs



Title Performer Release date Label
A Help-Each-Other Romance LaVern Baker & Ben E. King July 1960 Atlantic
A Man Without a Dream Ben E. King March 1967 Atco Records
Amor Ben E. King July 1961 Atco Records
Around the Corner Ben King 1964 Atlantic
Brace Yourself Ben E. King May 1960 Atco Records
Cry No More Ben E. King 1965 Atco Records
Do it in the Name of Love Ben E. King May 1975 Atlantic
Don't Play That Song (You Lied) Ben E. King April 1962 Atco Records
Ecstasy Ben E. King January 1962 Atco Records
Goodbye My Old Gal Ben E. King November 1969 Maxwell
Goodnight My Love Ben E. King December 1965 Atco Records
Here Comes the Night Ben E. King September 1961 Atco Records
How Can I Forget Ben E. King February 1963 Atco Records
I Could Have Danced All Night Ben E. King 1963 Atco Records
It's All Over Ben E. King August 1964 Atco Records
I (Who Have Nothing) Ben E. King 1963 Atco Records
Save the Last Dance for Me Ben E. King 1987 Manhattan [US1]
Seven Letters Ben E. King November 1965 Atco Records
She Knows What to Do for Me Ben E. King September 1967 Atco Records
So Much Love Ben E. King April 1966 Atco Records
Spanish Harlem Ben E. King December 1960 Atco Records
Stand by Me Ben E. King April 1961 Atco Records
Tell Daddy Ben E. King December 1962 Atco Records
Til I Can't Take It Anymore Ben E. King December 1968 Atco Records
Walking in the Footsteps of a Fool Ben E. King October 1962 Atco Records
We Got a Thing Going On Ben E. King & Dee Dee Sharp February 1968 Atco Records
What Is Soul ? Ben E. King December 1966 Atco Records
What Now My Love Ben E. King January 1964 Atco Records
Where's the Girl Ben E. King 1968 Atco Records

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