Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare and Skeeter Davis


Covers by Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare

Title Performer Release date Originally by
January 1965 Bonnie Owens & Fuzzy Owen
March 1970 George Hamilton IV
March 1970 Roy Orbison with Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
February 1965 Buck Owens
March 1970 Waylon Jennings & Anita Carter
February 1965 Ginny Wright - Jim Reeves
March 1970 Charley Pride
February 1965 Jerry Wallace
February 1965 Ned Miller
March 1970 The Kingston Trio
February 1965 Gilbert Bécaud, Jill Corey with Jimmy Carroll
March 1970 Curly Putman
February 1965 George Jones & Melba Montgomery
February 1965 Jaye P. Morgan with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus
March 1970 Jeannie C. Riley
February 1965 Buck Owens
  February 1965 Kitty Kallen REL, Bing Crosby - Grace Kelly REC
February 1965 Hoyt Axton with The Sherwood Singers
December 1969 Brooklyn Bridge