Cowboy Copas

Cowboy Copas
Cowboy Copas - Hawkshaw Hawkins
Cowboy (pappy) Copas
Real name
Lloyd Estel Copas
July 15, 1913
March 5, 1963
United States
Country and honky-tonk singer-songwriter and guitarist. Copas died in the same airplane crash that also killed Patsy Cline and Hawkshaw Hawkins.
Kathy Copas Daughter


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
November 1957 Will Tura
January 1949 (27 artists)
March 1952 Lola Ameche
October 1949 Country Cattin'
April 1961 Randy Boone with Guitar
November 1960 Clinton Ford
August 16, 1947 (8 artists)
March 1948 (266 artists)
January 1954 (3 artists)
March 1951 (7 artists)

Covers by Cowboy Copas

Title Performer Release date Originally by
August 1963 Eddy Arnold
August 1963 Ray Sanders with The Anita Kerr Singers
March 1963 Smith's Sacred Singers
December 1961 Red Hays
October 1951 Tommy Tucker Time
August 1963 Bill Brock
December 1962 Burl Ives
September 1960 Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
August 1963 Marty Robbins
August 1963 Carl Butler
1954 Charlie Poole accomp. by The North Carolina Ramblers
1945 Bill Cox and Cliff Hobbs
1947 Jacques Renard & His Orchestra
March 1954 Ray Price
March 1949 Floyd Tillman
September 1954 Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy
December 1962 Jim Reeves
1947 Billy Murray
August 1963 Whistler acc. by His Jug Band, Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
May 1959 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
November 1951 (unknown), (unknown)
September 1947 Edison Male Quartette
1947 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
December 1961 Freddie Hart
September 1947 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
August 1963 Buck Owens
December 1961 (unknown)
November 1951 (unknown)
March 1955 Johnny Ace
December 1962 Wanda Jackson
March 1960 Ken Clark and The Merry Mountain Boys
August 1950 Billy Starr
August 1963 Johnny Cash
December 1961 Johnny Cash
October 1951 Bob Lester & Bud Green
August 1963 Buck Owens
August 1963 Leroy Van Dyke
May 1960 Sonny Burns
1961 Wayne Raney
September 1947 Bing Crosby & Martha Mears
December 1962 Claude King

Songs written by Cowboy Copas

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
It's a Shame Cowboy Copas, Connie Taylor Cowboy Copas April 1961 Covered by Randy Boone with Guitar
Midnight in Heaven Cowboy Copas Cowboy Copas November 1960 Covered by Clinton Ford
Signed, Sealed and Delivered Cowboy Copas, Syd Nathan Cowboy Copas August 16, 1947 Covered by (8 artists)



Title Performer Release date Label
All Time Country Music Great Cowboy Copas May 1960 Starday Records
Beyond the Sunset Cowboy Copas March 1963 Starday Records
Country Music Entertainer # 1 Cowboy Copas December 1962 Starday Records
Hymns and Sacred Songs Cowboy Copas May 1959 King [US]
Inspirational Songs by Cowboy Copas Cowboy Copas 1961 Starday Records
Opry Star Spotlight on Cowboy Copas Cowboy Copas December 1961 Starday Records
Star of The Grand Ole Opry Cowboy Copas August 1963 Starday Records
The Legend of Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins # 2 Cowboy Copas - Hawkshaw Hawkins 1963 King [US]


Title Performer Release date Label
Cowboy Copas Sings His Favorite Songs for You - Vol. 2 Cowboy Copas 1954 King [US]


Title Performer Release date Label
Blue Kimona Cowboy Copas November 1957 Dot Records
Breeze Cowboy Copas 1947 King [US]
Candy Kisses Cowboy Copas January 1949 King [US]
Carbon Copy Cowboy Copas September 1954 King [US]
Carolina Sunshine Girl Cowboy Copas September 1960 King [US]
Down in Nashville, Tennessee Cowboy Copas March 1949 King [US]
Filipino Baby Cowboy (pappy) Copas 1945 King [US]
Hangman's Boogie Cowboy Copas October 1949 King [US]
He Stands by His Window Cowboy Copas January 1954 King [US]
I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) Cowboy Copas March 1954 King [US]
It's a Shame Cowboy Copas April 1961 King [US]
Kentucky Waltz Cowboy Copas 1947 King [US]
Move It On Over - Move It On Over Cowboy Copas and Grandpa Jones - Fairley Holden September 1947 King [US]
O Little Town of Bethlehem Cowboy Copas November 1951 King [US]
Pledging My Love Cowboy Copas March 1955 King [US]
Settin' Flat On Ready Cowboy Copas November 1960 Starday Records
Signed, Sealed and Delivered Cowboy Copas August 16, 1947 King [US]
South Pacific Shore Cowboy Copas March 1960 Starday Records
Steppin' Out Cowboy Copas August 1950 King [US]
Tennesee Waltz Cowboy Copas March 1948 King [US]
The Strange Little Girl Cowboy Copas March 1951 King [US]
Those "Gone and Left Me" Blues Cowboy Copas March 1952 King [US]
'Tis Sweet to Be Remembered Cowboy Copas October 1951 King [US]
White Christmas Cowboy Copas September 1947 King [US]

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