Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen
Real name
Leonard Norman Cohen
September 21, 1934
November 7, 2016
Singer-songwriter and poet. Early in his career, Cohen also wrote two novels.
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Title Performer Release date Label
Dear Heather Leonard Cohen October 26, 2004 Columbia
Death of a Ladies' Man Leonard Cohen November 1977 Warner Bros.
I'm Your Man Leonard Cohen February 1988 Columbia
Leonard Cohen Can't Forget - A Souvenir of the Grand Tour Leonard Cohen May 8, 2015 Columbia
Live in Dublin Leonard Cohen December 1, 2014 Columbia
Live in London Leonard Cohen March 2009 Columbia
Live Songs Leonard Cohen April 1973 Columbia
New Skin for the Old Ceremony Leonard Cohen August 1974 Columbia
Old Ideas Leonard Cohen January 31, 2012 Columbia
Popular Problems Leonard Cohen September 23, 2014 Columbia
Recent Songs Leonard Cohen September 1979 Columbia
Songs From a Room Leonard Cohen April 1969 Columbia
Songs of Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen December 27, 1967 Columbia
Songs of Love and Hate Leonard Cohen March 1971 Columbia
Ten New Songs Leonard Cohen October 9, 2001 Columbia
The Future Leonard Cohen November 1992 Columbia
Various Positions Leonard Cohen December 1984 Passport Records


Title Performer Release date Label
First We Take Manhattan Leonard Cohen January 1988 CBS

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Famous Blue Raincoat Jennifer Warnes 1986 Cypress Records
Hallelujah John Cale 1991 Columbia
Duets Elton John 1993 The Rocket Record Company
River - The Joni Letters Herbie Hancock September 25, 2007 Verve Records
comes in twos The Webb Sisters February 17, 2009
Born to the Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins various artists October 14, 2008 Wildflower
Hal Willner Presents Weird Nightmare - Meditations on Mingus various artists September 29, 1992 Columbia
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man various artists July 25, 2006 Verve Forecast
Poetas en Nueva York various artists 1986 CBS


Title Performer Release date Label
Leonard for Lisa Wes Finch December 3, 2016 (self-released)
Emily Lacy Sings Leonard Cohen Songs Emily Lacy ‎ 2007 (self-released)
Matador - The Songs of Leonard Cohen Patricia O'Callaghan November 1, 2011 Marquis
Leonard Cohen Auf Schwedisch Jan Erik Lundqvist 2005 Meyer Records
Songs of Leonard Cohen Record Club September 3, 2009 (self-released)
Jsem Tvůj Muž Juraj Kukura 1995 Tommü Records
Solo Harp - Katie Curley Performs Leonard Cohen's Song of Love and Hate Katie Curley May 12, 2017 Solo Sounds
Solo Accordion - Charlie Giordano Performs Songs of Leonard Cohen Charlie Giordano March 17, 2017 Solo Sounds
Judy Collins Sings Leonard Cohen - Democracy Judy Collins August 31, 2004 Rhino
Vandaag (het morgen van gisteren) Yasmine September 20, 2004 Skillshotsounds
Chante Leonard Cohen Graeme Allwright 1973 Mercury
Bird on the Wire - The Songs of Leonard Cohen Perla Batalla August 16, 2005 Mechuda
Io come chiunque Daiano 1974 Cetra
Ta min vals - Ebba Forsberg sjunger Leonard Cohen Ebba Forsberg 2009 Amigo
Songs from a Room Red [FR] 2001 Rectangle
Dear Leonard - The Cohen Collection Reid Jamieson April 2016 (self-released)
Sincerely, L. Cohen Phil Campbell [GB2] April 2008 Stranger Music
Still Working for Your Smile Gerard George Kettel 2016 (self-released)
Hard Rain - The Songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen Barb Jungr March 24, 2014 (self-released)
Split A Gun Called Tension - Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death 2006 Go Midnight Records
Songs of Leonard Cohen Lena Måndotter 2008 Rootsy
Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom - The Songs of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen Lauren Fox 2013 (self-released)
Suzanne Sheridan Sings the Music of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen with The Suzanne Sheridan Band Suzanne Sheridan 2012 (self-released)
Strange Song - The Songs of Leonard Cohen Nadia Kazmi 2010 (self-released)
Famous Blue Raincoat Jennifer Warnes 1986 Cypress Records
Famous Blue Raincoat - 20th Anniversary Edition Jennifer Warnes 2007 Shout! Factory
Acordes con Leonard Cohen - According to Leonard Cohen various artists September 10, 2007 DiscMedi Blau
Cohen Covered various artists November 2008 Mojo Records [GB]
Cohen - The Scandinavian Report various artists 2009 Columbia
Hadde månen en søster - Cohen på norsk various artists July 1, 1993 Kirkelig Kulturverksted
I'm Your Fan various artists 1991 Oscar
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man various artists July 25, 2006 Verve Forecast
Leonard Cohen - The Bard of Montreal various artists 2012 Herohill
More Fans various artists 1991 Oscar
På danske læber - 16 Leonard Cohen-sange i danske fortolkninger various artists June 21, 2004 Auditorium [DK]
The Songs of Leonard Cohen Covered various artists February 2012 Mojo Records [GB]
Tower of Song - The Songs of Leonard Cohen various artists 1995 A&M Records