Fats Jazz Band

Fats Jazz Band
Years active
since 2011
Swing orchestra from Bratislava


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Covers by Fats Jazz Band

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2012 Campbell and Burr
i October 2014 Campbell and Burr
2012 Margaret Simms & Paul Bass
October 2014 Fats Waller and His Rhythm
i 2016 Bing Crosby
2016 Eva Taylor
i 2016 The Washingtonians (Duke Ellington)
i October 2014 Friars Society Orchestra
October 2014 Helen Morgan
i 2016 Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators
i 2016 Jas. P. Johnson
i 2016 Grace Kerns and J. B. Wells
i 2016 Arthur Lange's Orchestra
October 2014 "Fats" Waller and His Rhythm
i 2012 Thomas Waller
i 2012 Bert Stock and His Orchestra
2012 Adelaide Hall
October 2014 Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
2012 Ethel Merman
2012 King Oliver and His Orchestra
2012 "Fats" Waller and His Rhythm
2012 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Louis Armstrong
2016 Claude Hopkins and His Orchestra
i October 2014 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
October 2014 Ted Fiorito and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Muzzy Marcellino & The Fio-rettes
2012 William Frawley
October 2014 Mistinguett, Fanny Brice
i 2012 Ipana Troubadours
i October 2014 Walter Catlett
i 2012 Gene Rodemich's Orchestra
2016 James Newill and June Havoc
i October 2014 Lew Stone and His Band
October 2014 Larry Adler, Buddy Ebsen, Vilma Ebsen, Monette Moore
i October 2014 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
2016 Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang
i 2016 Hoagy Carmichael & His Pals
2016 Charley Straight and His Orchestra
2012 (unknown), Anna Meyers and Original Memphis Five
2016 Virginia Verrill
i 2012 Fats Waller and His Buddies
i October 2014 Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra
i October 2014 Original Dixieland Jass Band
October 2014 Jan Garber and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Fritz Heilbron
October 2014 Kammersänger C. Richard Tauber, Harry Pollack's Club Maurice Diamonds
2016 Dick Powell
i 2012 Samuel Ash
i 2016 Clarence Williams & His Jazz Kings