Johnny Tillotson

Real name
John C. Tillotson
April 20, 1939
United States
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Pop and country singer
Lucille Cosenza Wife


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
October 1963 Skeeter Davis
July 1961 (3 artists)
June 1967 Turley Richards
September 1958 Col Joye and The Joy Boys
June 1977 (4 artists)
January 1968 Lynn Anderson
April 1962 (64 artists)
Sampled by Dickie Goodman & Dr. I.M. Ill
Judy Judy Judy Johnny Tillotson July 1963 Unverified
June 1977 (2 artists)
My Little World Johnny Tillotson November 1963 Unverified
November 1959 (5 artists)
August 1966 Dottie West
November 1965 (4 artists)
February 1963 (2 artists)
November 1963 Anita Weibel
September 1960 (49 artists)
September 1960 Hédika - Accompagnée par Alan Gate et ses Rock n' Rollers
1969 Mac Davis
June 1967 (2 artists)
 REC June 1977 Originally by Layng Martine Jr REL
July 1959 (21 artists)
(Wait 'Til You See) My Gidget Johnny Tillotson November 1965 Unverified
What Am I Gonna Do Johnny Tillotson November 1963 Unverified
April 1968 Skeeter Davis
July 1961 (5 artists)
July 1965 (2 artists)
November 1963 (2 artists)
July 1965 Connie Smith - Arranged and conducted by Bill Walker

Covers by Johnny Tillotson

Title Performer Release date Originally by
November 1963 Tzeni Karezi, Brenda Lee
July 1964 Irving Kaufman
1972 Silver Metre
  November 1963 Bob Dylan REC, The Chad Mitchell Trio REL
November 1966 Doye O'Dell
  November 1963 Arthur Prysock with Orchestra directed by Sy Oliver REL, Tony Bennett with Percy Faith & His Orchestra REC
  November 1964 Johnny Cash with The Carter Family REL, Burl Ives REC
July 1964 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
November 1963 Fleetwoods
November 1963 Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra
November 1963 Ritchie Valens
March 1960 The Penguins
February 1963 Paul Hampton
June 1962 Brenda Lee
June 1962 Jim Reeves [US]
June 1962 Billy Walker
July 1965 Ray Price
June 1962 Faron Young
June 1967 Gary Lewis and The Playboys
1969 Freddie Scott
  1965 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Helen Forrest REC, Frances Comstock & Alfred Drake PRF
June 1962 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
November 1963 Don Gibson
June 1962 Patsy Cline with The Jordanaires
November 1963 Ricky Nelson
November 1966 Bing Crosby
  1965 Dick Todd with Orchestra REC,REL, Tamara PRF
June 1962 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
April 1964 Rick Nelson
November 1964 The Springfields [GB]
June 1977 T.G. Sheppard
  July 1964 Virginia Bruce BRD, Frances Langford with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra REC
July 1964 Bobby Darin
December 1960 Matt Stevens
November 1966 Edison Male Quartette
July 1965 Don Gibson
June 1962 Carl Belew & His Rock Crushers
November 1963 Ricky Nelson
1972 Mickey Gilley
June 1977 Jesse Winchester
1969 The Temptations [US1]
1965 Franco Tozzi
July 1965 Don Gibson
1969 Roy Orbison with Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
  July 1964 Harry Richman PRF, Ted Lewis and His Band REC
March 1960 Johnny Ace - Johnny Otis Orchestra
1995 Roy Orbison
1969 Buddy Holly
1965 John Laurenz with Orchestral Accompaniment
1972 Mickey Newbury
November 1963 The Cascades
June 1962 Hank Locklin and His Rocky Mountain Playboys
  1972 Jerry Lee Lewis REL, Mickey Newbury REC
September 1964 Teresa Brewer
  November 1966 Bing Crosby and Carol Richards REL, Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell REC
June 1977 Jay Ramsey
June 1962 Adam Wade
October 1963 Ernest Ashworth
1969 Little Anthony and The Imperials
1972 The Oak Ridge Boys
July 1964 Don Cherry - Orchestra conducted by Milton DeLugg
July 1965 George Jones
November 1966 Perry Como with Mitch Ayres and His Orchestra
July 1965 Bobby Darin
July 1964 Stuart Hamblen
1969 Merle Haggard and The Strangers
November 1963 The Escorts [US-KY]
November 1963 Frankie Avalon - Orch. & Chor. directed by Peter De Angelis
1969 The Staple Singers
1969 Chuck Willis with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra and Chorus
  June 1962 Grace Moore & John Steel PRF, Carl Fenton's Orchestra (Walter Haenschen) REC
June 1977 Cymarron
July 1964 Manuel Romain
  November 1966 Bing Crosby & Marjorie Reynolds [dubbed by Martha Mears] BRD, Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra REC,REL
November 1966 Richard Himber and His Ritz-Carlton Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Joey Nash
November 1964 (unknown), Katherine Dunham and Ensemble, The Norman Luboff Choir
July 1963 Kenny Lynch
July 1965 Roger Miller [US-OK]
October 1967 Bobby Edwards
1972 Tammy Wynette

Sampled songs

Songs written by Johnny Tillotson

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Another You Johnny Tillotson, Lucille Cosenza Johnny Tillotson October 1963 Covered by Skeeter Davis
Cutie Pie Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson June 22, 1961 Covered by (3 artists)
Dreamy Eyes Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson July 1958 Covered by Col Joye and The Joy Boys
It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin' Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson January 23, 1962 Covered by (64 artists)
Judy Judy Judy Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman, Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson July 1963 Unverified
Never Let Me Go Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson - Orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer October 1959 Covered by (5 artists)
No Love at All Johnny Tillotson, Lucille Cosenza Johnny Tillotson August 1966 Covered by Dottie West
Out of My Mind Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson November 19, 1962 Covered by (2 artists)
Please Don't Go Away Johnny Tillotson, Lucille Cosenza, Herbert Strizik Johnny Tillotson November 1963 Covered by Anita Weibel
Princess, Princess Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson August 9, 1960 Covered by Hédika - Accompagnée par Alan Gate et ses Rock n' Rollers
Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out Johnny Tillotson, Teddy Wilburn, Lucille Cosenza Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn February 18, 1969 Covered by (3 artists)
Without You Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson June 22, 1961 Covered by (5 artists)
Your Mem'ry Comes Along Johnny Tillotson, Paul Tannen Johnny Tillotson - Vocal Accompaniment by The Jordanaires June 1965 Covered by Connie Smith - Arranged and conducted by Bill Walker


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