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The Beasts [Hit]
Betty Ware
Bill Carmichael
Bill Carmicheal
Bob Adams
Bob Adams - Jimmy Cleveland
Bob Denver
Bob Denver - Tom Bell
Bob and Kay
Bob and Kay - Jean Grey
Bobby and Betty
Bobby Brooks
Bobby Brooks - Connie Dee
Bobby Brooks - The Jalopy Five
Bobby Cash
Bobby Cash - Bobby Brooks
Bobby Denver
Bobby Denver - Bob Adams
Bobby Denver - Jack Montana
Bobby Denver - Kay Keys
Bobby Denver - Stan Hardin
Bobby and Johnny Singer
Bobby and Johnny Singer - Bobby and Betty
The Broadway Singers from Nashville
The Broadway Singers from Nashville - William Randolph and His Orchestra
Cal York and The Roamers
Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor - Stan Hardin
Charles Baker
Charles Baker - The Beasts
Charlie Bare
Charlie Bare - Johnny Singer
Charlie Bear
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - Johnny Singer
Charlie and Honey Bare
Charlie and Honey Bear
Charlie Robbins & Dotty Robbins
Charlie Robbins and Dotty Robbins - The Nashville Seven
Clara Wilson
Connie Dee - Bobby Brooks
Danny Wood
Danny Wood - William Randolph & The Music City Swingers
Dave Howell
Dave Howell - Jack White
Dave Howell - Jean Phillips
Dorothy Richards
Dotty Robbins
Ed Hardin - The Music City Five Plus Ten
Ed Hardin - The Music City Singers
Ed Lucas
Ed Lucas - Nicky Weiss
Ed Lucus
Ed Lucus - Bob Adams
The Flower Sisters
The Flower Sisters - Bobby Brooks
Harvey Frolic
Harvey Frolic - The Music City Five
Herb Eaton
Herb Eaton - Paul Tabor
Jack Montana
Jack Montana - Johnny Singer
Jack Montana - The Nashville Seven
Jack Randolph and The Music City Orchestra
Jack Rule
Jack Rule - Jimmy and Betty Cleveland
Jack White [Hit]
Jack White - Bob Adams
Jack White - Bobby Denver
Jack White - Dave Howell
Jack White - Fred York
Jack White - Jack Montana
Jack White - Jimmy Cleveland
Jack White - Johnny Singer
Jackie Ott
Jalopy Five
The Jalopy Five
Jalopy Five - Bobby Brooks
Jay Parks
Jean and Bob Grey
Jean and Bob Grey - Kathy Taylor
Jean Gray
Jean Gray - Johnny Singer
Jean Grey
Jean Phillips
Jimmie and Betty Cleveland
Jimmy and Betty Cleveland
Jimmy Cleveland
Johnny and The Jalopy Five
Johnny LeFlore
Johnny LeFlore - Music City Orchestra
Johnny Singer
Johnny Singer - The Cords
Johnny Singer - Jimmy Cleveland
Johnny Singer - Katy Richards
Johnny Singer - The Music City Singers
Johnny Singer - Nashville Five
Johnny Singer and The Singers
Johnny Singer - Stan Hardin
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor - Jack White
Kathy Taylor - Wayne Harris
Katy Richards
Kay Keys
Marguerite MacGregor - Bobby Denver
The Mummies [Hit]
The Mummies - Wayne Harris
The Music City Chorus and Orchestra featuring Samayami
The Music City Five
Music City Five
The Music City Five - Clara Wilson
The Music City Five - Katy Richards
The Music City Five Plus Ten
Music City Orchestra
Music City Orchestra - Kathy Shannon
Music City Orchestra and Singers
Music City Singers
The Music City Singers
Music City Singers - Jackie Ott
The Music City Singers - The Nashville Five
The Nashville Five
The Nashville Five - Bobby Brooks
The Nashville Five - Paul Tabor
The Nashville Five - The Roamers
The Nashville Seven
Nicky Weiss
Paul Tabor
The Roamers
The Roamers - Jalopy Five
The Roamers - The Jalopy Five
Roger Frolic
Stan Hardin
Stan Hardin - Bobby Denver
Stan Hardin - Jean Grey
Stan Hardin - Johnny Singer
Sylvester McCord
Sylvester McCord - Music City Five
The Tides
Tom Bell
Tom Bell - Jean Gray
Tom Bell - Jean Phillips
Tom Bell - Jimmie and Betty Cleveland
Tom Gray [Hit]
Tom Gray - Jack White
Tom Wall
Tom Walls
Tom Walls - Music City Orchestra
Tommy Pearson
Tommy Pearson - Jay Parks
Ward Hanson and Robin Stevens
Ward Hanson and Robin Stevens - Woody Martin
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris - Ed Hardin
Wayne Harris - The Jalopy Five
William Randolph and The Music City Orchestra and Chorus
Woody Martin
Woody Martin - Bob Adams
Woody Martin - Charlie Brown
Woody Martin - Johnny Singer
Woody Martin - Nicky Weiss
Ya'all Smith
Ya'all Smith - Jimmy Cleveland
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