Barbershop quartet, which four members attended Adolf Fredrik’s Music School, Sweden’s most renowned choir school. They all then made the natural transition into Stockholm Music Gymnasium and today all four are members of at least one top choir.


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Covers by Ringmasters

Title Performer Release date Originally by
February 2014 David Hill with Ray Ellis and His Orchestra
February 2014 Paul Simon
2012 Simon & Garfunkel
  February 2014 Aida Ward PRF, Cab Calloway and His Orchestra REC,REL
2012 The Beatles
2014 Doye O'Dell
2012 The Beach Boys
2012 The Beatles
2014 (unknown), (unknown)
2014 (unknown), (unknown)
Dream River Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
2012 The Beatles
Everybody Says Don't Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
February 2014 Eric Carmen
Feeling Good Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
February 2014 Jimmie Rodgers [US2]
2014 (unknown)
  2012 Meyer Davis' Swanee Syncopators – Vocal Chorus by Al Shayne REC, Adelaide Hall PRF
I Get Around Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
I Got Life Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
2014 Bing Crosby
February 2014 Peggy Lee
February 2014 The Four King Sisters with Orchestra conducted by Alvino Rey
2014 Strandbergs kvartett
October 18, 2019 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Vaughn Monroe and The Norton Sisters
2014 (unknown)
2012 The Beatles
2012 Michael Jackson
February 2014 Orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman, Petula Clark with Accompaniment directed by Joe Henderson
  February 2014 Patricia Morison PRF, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Denny Dennis REC,REL
Tonight Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
February 2014 Cyndi Lauper
Under the Boardwalk Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
2014 (unknown)
What a Wonderful World Ringmasters 2022 Unverified
2014 Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra - And The Ken Darby Singers
You'll Never Walk Alone / Climb Every Mountain Medley Ringmasters 2022 Unverified