Line Renaud

Line Renaud
Real name
Jacqueline Enté
July 2, 1928
Singer and actress
Louis Gasté Spouse


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
1959 (3 artists)
1957 Franck Pourcel et son grand orchestre
1953 (4 artists)
1953 (10 artists)
1952 (10 artists)
1948 Garou
1956 (265 artists)
1958 Isabelle Boulay
(4 artists)

Covers by Line Renaud

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1964 Ray Price, (unknown)
1955 (unknown)
1987 (unknown), (unknown), Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, (unknown), (unknown), Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Edison Male Quartette, Dalida accompagnée par Raymond Lefèvre et son orchestre, Jacqueline François et Paul Durand et son orchestre, (unknown), Nicoletta, (unknown), (unknown)
1958 Louis Prima and His Orchestra, Dario Moreno avec Claude Bolling et son orchestre
1958 Louis Prima and His Orchestra
Covered by (6 artists)
Ce Monde Est Merveilleux Line Renaud|Johnny Hallyday (Johnny Hallyday, Line Renaud) November 8, 2010 Unverified
1952 Fats Waller and His Buddies - Vocal Refrain by Orlando Roberson, Chester Gaylord
1958 (unknown)
Covered by Miguel Amador
1978 Barry Manilow
Cours, Cours, Regarde Et Vois Line Renaud 1966 Unverified
1959 Doris Day with Frank De Vol and His Orch., (unknown)
1949 Geschwister Winkler, Jacques Hélian et son Orchestre
1966 Bert Kaempfert, Frank Sinatra, Dania Rika
1959 Grayson and Whitter, (unknown)
1958 (unknown)
1958 (unknown)
1956 Jimmy Boyd accompanied by Norman Luboff
Covered by (14 artists)
1956 Jacob Gade, Anny Gould - Orchestre dir. Max Willys
1967 Cliff Richard and The Shadows
1956 José Bohr y su orquesta criolla Argentina
Covered by Les Scarlet et l'orchestre James Award
1955 Wade Ray
1980 Ronnie Milsap
1953 Patti Page with Orchestra conducted by Jack Rael, (unknown)
Le dimanche matin Line Renaud 1975 Unverified
1967 (unknown)
Covered by Lââm
May 1956 Todd Duncan, Mouloudji
1952 Harry Richman
1956 Mindy Carson with Ray Conniff's Orchestra & The Columbians
Linda Line Renaud 1999 Unverified
1955 (unknown)
Covered by Joe Loss and His Orchestra
1955 Rosemary Clooney & The Mellomen, Orch. under Dir. of Buddy Cole, (unknown)
1952 Vic Damone with Orchestra conducted by George Bassman
Covered by Eddie Constantine
1955 The Sunnysiders
Covered by Dave
1958 (unknown)
1951 (unknown), Dinah Shore with Henry René's Orchestra and Chorus
Covered by (2 artists)
1956 Doris Day with Frank DeVol & His Orch., Jacqueline François avec Michel Legrand et son orchestre et Les Fontana
1956 Bébé Hong Suong - Orch. Ronnex sous la direction de L. Marshall, (unknown)
1953 Leroy Anderson and His "Pops" Concert Orchestra, Tino Rossi - Orchestre dir. Pierre Spiers
1955 The Commanders with Eddie Grady
1952 Renée Lebas accompagnée par Emil Stern et son orchestre
1964 Russ Conway with Accompaniment directed by Geoff Love, Dominique Michel
1953 Steve Gibson and The Original Red Caps featuring Damita Jo, (unknown)
1959 Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson
Covered by (2 artists)
1955 LaVern Baker and The Gliders with Orchestra, (unknown)
August 1955 Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye - Vocal Refrain by Charles Wilson
1968 Frankie Valli
1953 Anita O'Day - Orchestra conducted by Larry Russell
Covered by (3 artists)

Web Covers by Line Renaud

Title Performer Upload date Originally by
Side by Side Line Renaud July 6, 2015 Sam Lanin's Orchestra

Songs written by Line Renaud

Adapted songs





Title Performer Release date Label
Alles Glück dieser Welt Line Renaud 1964 Decca
Amour d'été Line Renaud - Orchestre direction: Jo Moutet 1959 Pathé
Belle Nuit Line Renaud 1987 Fontana
Copacabana Line Renaud 1978 CBS
Etoile des neiges Line Renaud 1949 Pathé
Étrangers dans la nuit Line Renaud 1966 Disques Line
Je ne sais pas Line Renaud - Orchestre dir.: Pierre Guillermin 1953 Pathé
Juste la la la Line Renaud 1967 Disques Line
Le chien dans la vitrine Line Renaud - Orchestre dir.: Pierre Guillermin 1953 Pathé
Les plus jolies choses de ma vie Line Renaud 1952 Pathé
Luxembourg Polka Line Renaud, orchestra dir.: Pierre Guillermin 1955 Pathé
Ma cabane au Canada Line Renaud 1948 Pathé
Ma petite folie Line Renaud 1952 Pathé
Mister Banjo Line Renaud 1955 Pathé
Mon cœur pleure pour vous Line Renaud 1951 Pathé
Ne reste que l'amour Line Renaud 1980 CBS
Rose de mai Line Renaud 1968 Disques Line
Tire, tire l'aiguille Line Renaud - Orchestre dir.: Pierre Guillermin 1952 Pathé
Ton mariage Line Renaud 1953 Pathé
Two Sleepy People Dean Martin and Line Renaud August 1955 Capitol Records

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