Johnny Duncan

Johnny Duncan
Real name
John Richard Duncan
October 5, 1938
August 14, 2006
United States
Country singer
Dan Seals Cousin
Jimmy Seals Cousin


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
December 1967 Gene Watson
February 1972 (5 artists)
May 1971 (3 artists)
1973 Col Joye
1979 Lee Sims & The Platte River Band
May 1971 Lea Roberts

Covers by Johnny Duncan

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1980 Mark Dinning
1980 Dorothy Pay
1969 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
November 1977 Jay & The Americans
February 1977 Gene Cotton
1968 Bobby Goldsboro
1960 The Sparks [US]
Covered by (94 artists)
1980 Michael Jackson
June 1980 The Beaver Valley Sweethearts
1980 Paul Anka
1979 Melvin Endsley
1979 Don Estelle
1968 Merle Haggard and The Strangers
1968 Norma Jean
1968 Willie Nelson
November 1977 Diana Trask
1980 Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
March 1979 Johnny Rodriguez
November 1977 Neil Diamond
March 1979 Funky Kings
June 1980 Kenny O'Dell
1980 Billy Swan
1969 Nat Stuckey
March 1979 Jerry Lee Lewis
February 1977 Jesse Winchester
1979 Lucille Starr
1969 Freddie Hart
1979 Billy Burnette
1961 The String-A-Longs
Covered by Living Guitars
1968 Percy Sledge
1968 Glen Campbell
1969 Jimmy Heap and The Melody Masters
June 1980 Eric Clapton

Songs written by Johnny Duncan

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Fools Johnny Duncan Johnny Duncan February 1972 Covered by (5 artists)
I'd Rather Love You Johnny Duncan Johnny Duncan May 1971 Covered by (3 artists)



Title Performer Release date Label
Back to Back Johnny Duncan and June Stearns 1969 Columbia
Come a Little Bit Closer Johnny Duncan November 1977 Columbia
In My Dreams Johnny Duncan June 1980 Columbia
Johnny Duncan Johnny Duncan February 1977 Columbia
Johnny One Time Johnny Duncan 1968 Columbia
Nice 'n' Easy Johnny Duncan & Janie Fricke 1980 Columbia
See You When the Sun Goes Down Johnny Duncan March 1979 Columbia
Straight From Texas Johnny Duncan 1979 Columbia
Sweet Country Woman Johnny Duncan 1973 Columbia
There's Something About a Lady Johnny Duncan May 1971 Columbia


Title Performer Release date Label
Baby Me Baby Johnny Duncan December 1967 Columbia
Fools Johnny Duncan February 1972 Columbia
Freddy and His Go-Cart Johnny Duncan 1960 Leader
Jackson Ain't a Very Big Town Johnny Duncan and June Stearns 1968 Columbia
Raindrops Johnny Duncan 1961 Leader

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