Herman's Hermits

Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits
Years active
1964 - 1971
United Kingdom
Clean-cut pop band from Manchester. Original members were: Peter Noone (vocals), Barry Whitwam (drums), Derek Leckenby (lead guitar), Keith Hopwood (rhythm guitar) and Karl Green (bass).
Peter Noone 1964-1971
Derek Leckenby 1964-1971
Keith Hopwood


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Covers by Herman's Hermits

Title Performer Release date Originally by
August 1966 The Hollies
  September 1966 The Rockin' Vickers REL, The Kinks REC
1967 The Seagulls
June 1965 Yardbirds
1967 The New Vaudeville Band (featuring Tristam VII)
June 1965 Buddy Holly
February 1978 Hello [GB]
October 24, 1969 Ross D. Wyllie
December 29, 1967 The Foundations
June 1965 Bobby Rydell
June 1965 Harry Champion
August 7, 1964 Earl-Jean
December 1964 The Four Tunes - Sid Bass Orch.
March 1967 Frankie Laine
August 1965 Kenny Young [US1]
February 1965 Little Willie Littlefield
October 30, 1970 Renato [IT]
  1966 Val Rosing BRD, George Formby and His Ukulele with Orchestra REC,REL
November 1966 Johnny Burnette
Little Green Apples Herman's Hermits April 30, 1969 Unverified
Morning Dew Herman's Hermits 2021 Unverified
December 1964 Ernie K-Doe
  February 1965 Tom Courtenay REL,BRD
1967 Donovan
August 1966 Albert Chevalier
August 1966 (unknown)
1968 The Foundations
March 1967 The Seekers
March 1967 The Monkees
  December 1964 Frankie Ford with Huey "Piano" Smith and Orch. REL, Huey Smith and Gerri Hall REC
February 12, 1965 The Rays
1975 The Rays
1994 Boston Pops Orchestra, The Andrews Sisters
November 29, 1968 Riccardo Del Turco
Covered by (4 artists)
June 1965 Skeeter Davis
August 1966 Albert Chevalier
December 1965 Lew Courtney
February 3, 1967 The New Vaudeville Band
September 28, 2007 The New Vaudeville Band
November 1966 Marty Robbins with Ray Conniff and His Orchestra
June 1965 Cliff Richard and The Shadows
August 1966 (unknown), Charles Coborn
June 1965 Bobby Vee - With The Johnny Mann Singers
  1966 The Grass Roots REC, Jan & Dean REL
May 21, 2002 Billy Idol
April 1965 Sam Cooke
January 1970 Anne [Gacoin]
Covered by The Irish Rovers

Web Covers by Herman's Hermits



Title Performer Release date Label
A Must to Avoid Herman's Hermits December 1965 Columbia [EMI]
Can't You Hear My Heartbeat Herman's Hermits January 11, 1965 MGM
Dandy Herman's Hermits September 1966 MGM
Don't Go Out Into the Rain (You're Going to Melt) Herman's Hermits June 1967 MGM
East West Herman's Hermits November 25, 1966 Columbia [EMI]
Heart Get Ready for Love Herman's Hermits February 1978 Pye International
(Here Comes) The Star Herman's Hermits October 24, 1969 Columbia [EMI]
I Can Take or Leave Your Loving Herman's Hermits December 29, 1967 Columbia [EMI]
I'm Henry VIII, I Am Herman's Hermits June 1965 MGM
I'm Into Something Good Herman's Hermits August 7, 1964 Columbia [EMI]
Just a Little Bit Better Herman's Hermits August 1965 Columbia [EMI]
Lady Barbara Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits October 30, 1970 RAK
Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter Herman's Hermits April 1965 MGM
Museum Herman's Hermits July 7, 1967 Columbia [EMI]
My Sentimental Friend Herman's Hermits April 1969 Columbia [EMI]
No Milk Today Herman's Hermits September 30, 1966 Columbia [EMI]
Puedo tomar o dejar tu amor Herman's Hermits 1968 Odeon "Pops"
Show Me Girl Herman's Hermits November 1964 Columbia [EMI]
Silhouettes Herman's Hermits February 12, 1965 Columbia [EMI]
Sleepy Joe Herman's Hermits April 19, 1968 Columbia [EMI]
Something Is Happening Herman's Hermits November 29, 1968 Columbia [EMI]
There's a Kind of Hush Herman's Hermits February 3, 1967 Columbia [EMI]
This Door Swings Both Ways Herman's Hermits June 1966 Columbia [EMI]
Wonderful World Herman's Hermits April 1965 Columbia [EMI]
Years May Come, Years May Go Herman's Hermits January 1970 Columbia [EMI]
You Won't Be Leaving Herman's Hermits March 1966 Columbia [EMI]

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