Gianni Boncompagni

Gianni Boncompagni
Real name
Giandomenico Boncompagni
May 13, 1932
April 16, 2017
Television and radio presenter, director and songwriter.
Barbara Boncompagni Daughter


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Songs written by Gianni Boncompagni

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
53. 53. 456 Gianni Boncompagni Raffaella Carrà 1976 Covered by Lea Laven
A far l'amore comincia tu Daniele Pace, Gianni Boncompagni, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1976 Covered by (19 artists)
Ballo ballo Gianni Boncompagni, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1982 Covered by Roberta Carrano
E salutala per me Gianni Boncompagni, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1979 Covered by (4 artists)
Fatalità Gianni Boncompagni, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1984 Covered by Anna Maria Di Marco
Fiesta Luis Gómez Escolar, Gianni Boncompagni, Franco Bracardi, Paolo Ormi Raffaella Carrà 1977 Covered by Squallor
Forte forte forte Gianni Boncompagni, Cristiano Malgioglio, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1976 Covered by Cristiano Malgioglio
Io non vivo senza te Gianni Boncompagni, Paolo Ormi, Gianni Belfiore Raffaella Carrà 1980 Covered by Pamela
La sorpresa Mogol, Jimmy Fontana, Gianni Boncompagni, Mario Cantini, Nicola Greco Jimmy Fontana 1968 Covered by (2 artists)
Perdono, non lo faccio più Gianni Boncompagni, Berto Pisano Raffaella Carrà December 1971 Covered by Letizia Mongelli
Rosso Gianni Boncompagni, Giancarlo Magalli, Franco Bracardi Raffaella Carrà 1984 Covered by (2 artists)
Tanti auguri Daniele Pace, Gianni Boncompagni, Paolo Ormi Raffaella Carrà 1978 Covered by Ksenija Erker
Tele-telefonarti Gianni Boncompagni, Giancarlo Magalli, Danilo Vaona Raffaella Carrà 1984 Covered by Francesca da Bellaria
Un regalo Jimmy Fontana, Gianni Boncompagni, Carlo Pes, Nicola Greco Jimmy Fontana 1966 Covered by Los Beta

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Ci piace star così Gianni Boncompagni Bumble Bee The Planets
Guantanamera Gianni Boncompagni Guajira Guantanamera, Versos sencillos, Guantanamera Betty Curtis Covered by Jimmy Fontana
Jane A 33 Gianni Meccia, Gianni Boncompagni Footprints on the Moon Fred Bongusto
Parla più piano Gianni Boncompagni Love Theme from The Godfather, Fortunella - Titoli Gianni Morandi Covered by (25 artists)
Ragazzo triste Gianni Boncompagni But You're Mine Patty Pravo Covered by (2 artists)
Una verità Gianni Boncompagni Summer in the City I Motowns
Un ragazzo che ti ama Alberto Testa, Gianni Boncompagni This Guy's in Love with You Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass Covered by (2 artists)
Vivo di diamenti Gianni Boncompagni Diamonds Are Forever Shirley Bassey Covered by The Corner Laughers