Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf
Real name
Marvin Lee Aday
September 27, 1947
United States
Rock singer, musician and actor
Pearl Aday Stepdaughter
Jim Steinman


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Covers by Meat Loaf

Title Performer Release date Originally by
October 2006 James "Iron Head" Baker and Group
September 30, 2011 Barry McGuire
January 1996 The Beatles
April 2010 Jessica Simpson
1974 Kimi & Ritz
March 31, 2003 Bob Dylan
September 1971 Ike and Tina Turner
September 1986 Mystic Rhythm
October 15, 2007 Rolling Stones
1993 Pandora's Box
2006 Pandora's Box
April 2010 Eagles of Death Metal
1999 Warren Zevon
1995 Jim Steinman
January 1996 The Beatles
1993 Jim Steinman
September 16, 2016 Bonnie Tyler with Todd Rundgren
September 1986 Jerry Riopelle
1995 Tom Waits
March 31, 2003 K.C. Douglas Trio
October 2004 K.C. Douglas Trio
1995 Pandora's Box
1993 Jim Steinman
1987 Chuck Berry, Larry Williams [US1], Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins
1995 The Easybeats
July 1994 Winnie Lightner
September 1986 Eddie Schwartz
March 31, 2003 John Cameron Mitchell
1983 (unknown), Hugh Cross, The Carter Family, Chuck Berry
July 1971 The Temptations
1974 Paddy O'Hagan
September 16, 2016 Stephen Collins and Sarah Harris

Web Covers by Meat Loaf

Title Performer Upload date Originally by
Why Don't We Do It in the Road? Meat Loaf August 27, 2010 The Beatles