Jae Hall

Jae Hall
Real name
Jess Hall
United Kingdom
Singer and songwriter originally from Wiltshire


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Title Performer Release date Label
Anyone Jae Hall January 11, 2021 Tristar Records
Blinding Lights Matt Johnson feat. Jae Hall May 8, 2020 Tristar Records
Breaking Me Jae Hall July 16, 2020 Tristar Records
Come as You Are Jae Hall May 7, 2021 Tristar Records
Dangerous Woman Jae Hall March 20, 2020 Tristar Records
Everybody's Changing Jae Hall January 8, 2021 Tristar Records
Fields of Gold Jae Hall May 18, 2020 Tristar Records
Graveyard Jae Hall October 28, 2019 Tristar Records
Imagine Jae Hall April 23, 2021 Tristar Records
I'm Kissing You Jae Hall February 12, 2021 Tristar Records
Lovely Day Callum J Wright feat. Jae Hall April 22, 2022 Tristar Records
Mad World Jae Hall December 18, 2020 Tristar Records
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Jae Hall August 21, 2020 Tristar Records
Stuck in the Middle with You Jae Hall February 8, 2020 Tristar Records
Sweet Child o' Mine Jae Hall August 7, 2020 Tristar Records
Take My Breath Away Jae Hall June 4, 2021 Tristar Records
The Winner Takes It All Jae Hall September 10, 2021 Tristar Records
To Be Young Jae Hall August 3, 2020 Tristar Records
To Build a Home Jae Hall August 23, 2021 Tristar Records
Turning Page Jae Hall October 1, 2021 Tristar Records
Vincent Jae Hall October 7, 2020 Tristar Records
Walking in the Air Jae Hall November 19, 2021 Tristar Records
Wicked Game Jae Hall June 18, 2021 Tristar Records
Without You Matt Johnson & Jae Hall July 23, 2021 Tristar Records
Wonder Jae Hall January 29, 2021 Tristar Records
You Jae Hall February 26, 2021 Tristar Records
Zombie Jae Hall June 5, 2020 Tristar Records

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