The Chuck Wagon Gang

Chuck Wagon Gang
United States
Southern Gospel group founded in 1936 in Texas.
Anna Gordon Alto vocals (1936-1975 & 1978)
Jeremy Stephens Guitar, bass vocals (2010-2016)


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Covers by The Chuck Wagon Gang

Title Performer Release date Originally by
August 30, 2019 Carter Family
June 1940 J.B. Whitmire's Blue Sky Trio
May 1954 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
November 1970 (unknown), (unknown)
November 1970 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
November 1970 John Daniel Quartet
December 1992 (unknown)
Bringing in the Sheaves The Chuck Wagon Gang 1980 Unverified
December 1992 Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
February 1951 (unknown)
December 1992 Johnny Cash
February 16, 2008 Lulu Belle and Scotty
December 1992 Bailes Brothers
i January 1937 (unknown)
2011 Brown's Ferry Four
December 1992 Claude Gray
November 1970 Jimmie Davis
  October 1954 Waltham Abbey Choir PRF, Columbia Male Quartet REL
1986 Smith's Sacred Singers
February 16, 2008 (unknown)
October 1962 Jimmie Davis - With The Anita Kerr Singers
  1985 Carter Family REC, Clyde Moody and Brown's Ferry Four REL
December 1992 The Jenkins Family
listen on Internet Archive 1949 Brown's Ferry Four
August 1969 Jimmie Davis
January 1937 Luther B. Clarke accomp. by Blue Ridge Highballers
August 8, 1949 Rev. J.M. Gates
February 16, 2008 (unknown)
January 1967 J. B. Whitmire Blue Sky Trio
December 1992 Henry Burr
October 1956 Blue Ridge Quartet
August 1969 Blackwood Bros. Quartet
2009 The Speer Family
October 1954 (unknown), (unknown)
2006 (unknown)
November 1970 Jimmie Davis
April 1938 The Girls of the Golden West
1948 Prairie Ramblers
October 1954 (unknown), (unknown)
August 1969 Stamps Quartet
April 1937 Fortner Family Mixed Quartette
December 1992 Edward Allen and Charles Hart
December 1992 Baldwin's Cadet Band, (unknown), (unknown)
October 1954 (unknown), (unknown)
October 1967 Dixie Sacred Singers
October 1954 (unknown)
August 30, 2019 Norfolk Jubilee Quartette
1983 The Corbin Hanner Band
December 1992 Flying Clouds of Detroit
  December 1992 Simmons Sacred Singers REL, Turkey Mountain Singers REC
2011 The Stanley Brothers
listen on Internet Archive November 1949 Metropolitan Quartet
October 1954 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
August 30, 2019 Frank Jenkins of Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters
1950 Propes Quartet
February 16, 2008 Jimmie Davis with Anita Kerr Singers
2006 (unknown)
May 1979 (unknown), Mrs. A. Stewart Holt
February 1937 Linda Parker - Acc. by Cumberland Ridge Runners
listen on Internet Archive September 1937 The Jenkins Family
September 1938 Edward M. Favor
October 1954 Tally-Ho!
January 1967 Jenkins' Sacred Singers
August 30, 2019 The Carter Family
February 16, 2008 The Blackwood Brothers
August 30, 2019 Carter Family
2006 Mrs. William Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
There Is Power in the Blood The Chuck Wagon Gang 1973 Unverified
August 30, 2019 The Carter Family
  February 16, 2008 J.B. Whitmire's Blue Sky Trio REL, The Stamps Quartet REC
August 30, 2019 The Carter Family
February 1937 Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
December 1992 (unknown)
December 1959 Stove Pipe No. 1 (Sam Jones)
May 1979 Jimmie Davis with Anita Kerr Singers
Turn Your Radio On The Chuck Wagon Gang 1991 Unverified
January 1967 (unknown)
December 1992 Chester Smith
1985 Vaughan's Texas Quartet
August 1969 Harry Macdonough
December 1992 Frank and James McCravy
2006 (unknown)
2011 Tommy Magness and His Tennessee Buddies
August 30, 2019 Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner
listen on Internet Archive November 1949 (unknown)
December 1992 The Masters Family
December 1959 The Statesmen Quartet
January 1967 Rev. M. L. Thrasher and His Gospel Singers
December 1992 William McEwan
1985 Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison
December 1992 Ferlin Husky



Title Performer Release date Label
An Empty Mansion The Chuck Wagon Gang June 1940 Vocalion [US]
Angels Rock Me to Sleep The Chuck Wagon Gang May 1954 Columbia [US]
At the Rainbow's End The Chuck Wagon Gang January 1938 Melotone
Camping in Canaan's Land The Chuck Wagon Gang February 1951 Columbia [US]
Dreamboat The Chuck Wagon Gang August 8, 1949 Columbia [US]
Echoes from the Hills The Chuck Wagon Gang January 1937 Vocalion [US]
Getting Ready to Leave This World Behind The Chuck Wagon Gang September 1940 OKeh
He Set Me Free The Chuck Wagon Gang 1942 OKeh
Holy Be Thy Great Name The Chuck Wagon Gang March 1941 OKeh
If We Never Meet Again The Chuck Wagon Gang 1949 Columbia [US]
I'll Have a New Life The Chuck Wagon Gang June 1949 Columbia [US]
I'm Bound for the Kingdom The Chuck Wagon Gang October 1956 Columbia [US]
I Want to Be a Real Cowboy Girl Chuck Wagon Gang April 1938 Perfect [US1]
Jesus Hold My Hand The Chuck Wagon Gang 1948 Columbia [US]
My Home, Sweet Home The Chuck Wagon Gang 1950 Columbia [US]
No Tears in Heaven The Chuck Wagon Gang April 1950 Columbia [US]
Shall We Gather at the River? The Chuck Wagon Gang November 1949 Columbia [US]
Standing Outside The Chuck Wagon Gang August 1937 Conqueror
The Church in the Wildwood The Chuck Wagon Gang September 1937 Melotone
The Engineer's Child Chuck Wagon Gang September 1938 Vocalion [US]
The Son Hath Made Me Free The Chuck Wagon Gang April 1937 Vocalion [US]
The Sunny South by the Sea The Chuck Wagon Gang February 1937 Vocalion [US]