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The Big F'n Deals
Bill Phillips [TM Collective]
Chicken Ceviche
The Neighborhood of Make Believe
Shutu Drop
Years active
since 2012
United States
Group of artists based in New Jersey, which releases a series of covers and tribute albums. Theme Music members, or "Themesters," create music based on a theme announced every two weeks. Some are professionals, but many are not.
Member of
Strange Experience
Tom Gallo
Sara Depp
Michael Mitsch
Jason Berk
Tim King
Kyle Richards
Wendi Dunlap
Dave Scarbrough
Eytan Mirsky
Teresa Cowles
Kevin Robertson
Scott Robertson
Ted Kissell
Torbjörn Pettersson
Scott Sutherland
Matt Brown [US2]
Keith Marshall [US]
Savi Labensart
Steven Sams
Katy Burk
Josh Goodman
Lynsey Moon
Scott Roberts
Mark McCrite
All the Books in the Library
Cream Legbar
The Bentley Boys [US]
Jessica Hebert
Zoenda McIntosh
Gayle Graizzaro
Bobby Brogan
John Daniel [US]
Rob Solomon
Christian Lipski
Thom Bowers
Gary Maher
Kris Hauch
Bob Fenster
The Buck Five
Steve Strom
Lee Flier
Shane O'Donnell
Ed Bradley
Michael Sharp
Joe Scinta
Paul Melancon
Keith Klingensmith
Chris Jackson
The Windows [US]
Lee Wiggins
Jeff Jensen
Halley O'Malley
Joe Lawless
Bryce Kalal
Laura Bland
Dean Massalsky
Maryanne Window
Pete Zolli
Jeffrey Prescott
The Aloha State
Martin Burch
Rapid Eye Movement
Hal Haygood
Isaac King
Sophie Scinta
3am Camel
Erik Ostrom
Kai Stewart
Paul Abrelat
The Horned Devil
Larry Cox [TM]
Phan Club
Tom Bishel
Rick Hofer
Fairground [1]
Oliver Rosenthal
James Leeds
King Syndicate
Aeon Wanderers
Jenn Smith
Carey Farrell
Country Mouse
Cliff Mansfield
Charles Walston
Chelsea Darling
The Best Pervisors
The TJ's
C.G. Brown
Bill Funt
Bobby Phillipps
Frank Padellaro
Don Rastberger
Rich Firestone
Strange Experience
Deral Fenderson
Kirsten Aziz-Shelton
Keena Graham
The Beach Girl (and Boy)
Jay Gonzalez
Dara Diamant
Levni Yilmaz
The Paradisians
Brandi Ediss
Dave Trenholm
Steve Stoeckel
Lisanne DePriest Leeds
Owen Hodgson
Bill & Zoenda


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