Alice Cooper [band]

Alice Cooper [band]
Years active
1964 - 1974
United States
Rock band formed in Phoenix which preceded Alice Cooper's solo career up until the Muscle of Love album in November 1973. Founded in 1964 as "The Earwigs", the band relocated to Los Angeles in March 1967, and changed their name to "The Nazz". By March of 1968 the band changed their name again, becoming "Alice Cooper" to prevent confusion with Todd Rundgren's group "Nazz".
Lead singer Furnier took on the identity of Alice Cooper onstage. The band split in 1974, initially taking a hiatus with several members working on solo projects. Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper in 1975.
Alice Cooper [solo]
Dennis Dunaway
Glen Buxton
Michael Bruce
Neal Smith


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