Sam Lanin

Sam Lanin
Billy Hays and His Orchestra
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Ipana Troubadours
The Ipana Troubadours (S. C. Lanin, director)
The Lanin Orchestra
Lanin's Arcadians
Lanin's Jazz Band
Lanin's Red Heads
Lanin's Roseland Orchestra
Lanin's Southern Serenaders
The Melody Sheiks
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Roy Carroll and His Sands Point Orchestra
Sam Lanin and His Famous Players
Sam Lanin and His Orchestra
Sam Lanin and His Troubadours
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Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra
Sam Lanin's Famous Players
Sam Lanin's Orchestra
The Steppers
Vincent Richards & His Orchestra
Real name
Samuel C. Lanin
September 4, 1891
May 5, 1977
United States
Born in Russia of Jewish parents, the family immigrated to Philadelphia when Sam was young. Although Lanin was a musician, recording occasionally on drums, he is best known as a jazz bandleader and arranger. He is the eldest of the three Lanin Brothers.
Lester Lanin Brother
Howard Lanin Brother


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