The Hanfris Quartet

Vocal quartet


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Covers by The Hanfris Quartet

Title Performer Release date Originally by
April 2017 The Beatles
January 7, 2022 David Hill with Ray Ellis and His Orchestra
April 2017 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
January 7, 2022 JT
January 7, 2022 Wynonna
January 7, 2022 The Partridge Family
January 30, 2014 Queen
January 30, 2014 Michael Bolton
  January 30, 2014 Adelaide Hall PRF, Meyer Davis' Swanee Syncopators - Vocal Chorus by Al Shayne REC
April 2017 The Beatles
January 30, 2014 Randy Newman
  January 7, 2022 Ruth Etting REC,REL,PRF
April 2017 Gene Kelly and Judy Garland with The M-G-M Studio Orchestra conducted by Lennie Hayton REC,REL, Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers BRD, Donald O'Connor - Accompanied by Lennie Hayton and The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
  January 7, 2022 Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra REL, Mitzi Green PRF
January 30, 2014 Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang
  January 7, 2022 Tamara PRF, Gertrude Niesen with orchestral acc dir. by Ray Sinatra REC
April 2017 The Tymes
January 30, 2014 The Beach Boys
January 30, 2014 Ethel Waters
January 30, 2014 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
  April 2017 Colm Wilkinson REL, Chuck Wagner PRF
January 7, 2022 David Guetta feat. Sia
  January 30, 2014 Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert REC,REL, Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence PRF
  April 2017 Lorenzo Fuller PRF,REL, Madelyn Russell REC
January 30, 2014 Billy Preston