Margaret Whiting

Margaret Whiting
July 22, 1924
January 10, 2011
United States
Pop and jazz singer.
Richard A. Whiting Father
Margaret Young Aunt
Lou Busch Husband
Tex Arnold Musical director


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
February 1946 (18 artists)
September 1946 (17 artists)
Unreleased (74 artists)
December 1966 (41 artists)
(31 artists)
March 1950 (3 artists)
July 1955 (8 artists)
October 1948 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra
September 1952 (4 artists)
July 1951 (160 artists)
1990 (24 artists)
1947 (311 artists)
1947 (204 artists)

Covers by Margaret Whiting

Title Performer Release date Originally by
September 25, 1950 Vivian Blaine
1994 Mary Martin
1960 Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees
1960 Frances Mercer and Jack Whiting
1960 Hiram Sherman, Frances Mercer, Hollace Shaw, Ralph Stuart
September 1952 Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
1980 Ruby Hill and Ensemble
1948 Al Jolson
July 1948 Dorothy Squires with Orchestra directed by Billy Reid
1956 Rosalind Fuller
1949 Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalbán
Back in Your Own Backyard Margaret Whiting 1995 Unverified
1967 The Dave Clark Five
1994 Dean Jones and Company
September 25, 1950 Napua Stevens
1955 Mildred Fisher, Helen Morgan
1990 Freddy Martin and His Orchestra, David Daniels and Gloria Marlowe
1958 The Delmore Brothers
1958 Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar
January 1948 Bing Crosby
1960 Helen Morgan
1958 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1955 Ruby Hill, Harold Nicholas
1946 Ruby Hill, Harold Nicholas
1958 Darrell Glenn
1961 Nancy Dussault
1956 Bob Crosby and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Ward
1960 Fred Astaire & Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
August 1949 Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music
1960 Helen Morgan and Robert Chisholm
1960 Marilyn Miller
October 1948 Vic Damone
February 1952 Jimmie Lawson
February 1949 Geschwister Winkler, Gracie Fields with The Wardour Singers and Bob Farnon and His Orchestra
February 1968 John Hartford
1947 Kate Smith
1946 Ruth Etting
1958 Ken Marvin with The Harmonettes
1982 Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)
1955 Gene Austin
1961 Lucille Ball, Paula Stewart
September 1967 Margaret Lewis
1982 Aida Ward and Willard McLean
1958 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
February 1968 Don Gibson
March 1952 Gene Kelly & Leila Ernst
June 1947 Marcy Westcott & Richard Kollmar
1982 Carole Bayer Sager
1961 Robert Goulet
1955 The Piccadilly Players
1982 William Gaxton & Ethel Merman
1994 (unknown), Dick Powell
1956 Ethel Merman
1990 Ethel Merman
1995 Clifton Webb
1956 Ray Noble and His Orchestra - Featuring Tony Martin
October 1949 Floyd Tillman
1994 Woody Herman and His Orchestra
March 1952 Louis Prima and His Orchestra
1961 Julie Andrews
1958 Leon Payne
February 1968 Floyd Tillman
March 1959 Joe Green & His Orchestra
1960 Fred Astaire & Nan Wynn
1958 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1980 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
January 1968 Johnny Tillotson
1955 Dick Haymes with Victor Young and His Orchestra
1945 Dick Haymes with Victor Young and His Orchestra
1955 Robert Alda & Isabel Bigley
1956 Walter Slezak
1960 Adele Dixon, Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra
June 1954 Betty Madigan - Orchestra Conducted by Joe Lipman
July 1958 Jimmy Clanton and His Rockets
1967 Emma Rede
1994 Lawrence Tibbett and Virginia Bruce
1960 George Murphy
1956 Harold Arlen with Orchestral Acc. Dir. by Ray Sinatra
June 1947 Gloria Grafton
1994 Cliff Edwards
1960 Gene Kelly & Martha Mears
1947 Marilyn Miller and Leon Errol
1995 Rosemary Clooney
June 1947 Jeanette MacDonald
1961 John Reardon & Nancy Dussault
1995 Marcia Van Dyke & Johnny Johnston
1958 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1990 Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra
1955 Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra
1967 Mary Martin, Robert Preston
June 1947 Mitzi Green
June 1947 Jessie Matthews
1955 Maurice Chevalier
My Old Flame Margaret Whiting 1961 Unverified
June 1947 Gloria Grafton & Donald Novis
November 1959 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
1994 Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra
January 1948 Clement Scott, Ana Hato and Deane Waretini, Gracie Fields
1946 Dennis Morgan [1]
1990 Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra
1967 Gene Pitney
1980 Vincent Rose and His Orchestra
1961 Colette Renard accompagnée par Raymond Legrand et son orchestre, (unknown)
September 1946 (unknown)
October 1947 Dinah Shore with Russ Case and His Orchestra
1948 Anita Ellis
1960 Peter Chambers and Lucette Valsy
July 1958 Mary Lou and Her Chosen Five, Bill Johnson and His Musical Notes
1956 Peggy Moran
1960 Bettina Hall
November 1950 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
1980 The Jazz Pilots
September 5, 1949 Floyd Tillman
1960 Tamara
1980 Fred Astaire
1967 Carson and Gaile
1956 The Six Hottentots
1982 Kurt Weill
1977 Johnnie Johnston with Paul Weston and His Orchestra
1958 Cowboy Copas
1990 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
1947 Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra
February 1948 (unknown performer)
1994 Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
1967 The New Vaudeville Band
1960 Tullio Carminati
December 1953 Tommy Duncan
1960 Tamara and William Hain
1960 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
1956 Julia Sanderson and Donald Brian
June 1947 Eddie Albert & Marcy Westcott
1967 Eric James Orchestra, Petula Clark
June 1947 William Gaxton & Constance Carpenter
May 1951 Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
December 1966 Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra
1980 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Kenny Sargent
1995 Peggy Lee
July 1956 Bing Crosby - Grace Kelly
February 1952 Ernest Tubb
September 5, 1949 Bill Carlisle
1990 Vivienne Segal
February 1948 Tony Martin
July 1953 Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe
May 1951 Corinne Morgan, Frank C. Stanley, (unknown)
1960 Norma Terris, Howard Marsh, Charles Winninger, Edna May Oliver
November 1952 Joni James - Orchestra Conducted by Lew Douglas
1956 Margaret Adams
1960 Helen Morgan
December 1966 The New Vaudeville Band
1960 Fay Templeton
1960 Irene Dunne
1982 Tammy Grimes
December 1966 Pino Donaggio, Dusty Springfield
February 1968 Eddy Arnold
1955 William Tabbert
1958 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1950 Ethel Merman and Jack Haley
1994 Alice Faye



Title Performer Release date Label
Broadway, Right Now! Mel Tormé & Margaret Whiting 1961 Verve Records
Come a Little Closer Margaret Whiting 1982 Audiophile
Love Songs Margaret Whiting 1955 Capitol Records
Maggie Isn't Margaret Anymore Margaret Whiting 1967 London Records
Margaret Margaret Whiting 1958 Dot Records
Margaret Whiting Sings for the Starry Eyed Margaret Whiting 1956 Capitol Records
Margaret Whiting Sings Rodgers and Hart Margaret Whiting June 1947 Capitol Records
Margaret Whiting Sings the Jerome Kern Songbook Margaret Whiting 1960 Verve Records
Pop Country Margaret Whiting February 1968 London Records
Ten Top Hits Margaret Whiting November 1959 Dot Records
The Lady's in Love With You! Margaret Whiting 1994 Audiophile
Then and Now Margaret Whiting 1990 DRG Records
The Wheel of Hurt Margaret Whiting December 1966 London Records
Too Marvelous for Words - A Tribute to Johnny Mercer and Richard Whiting Margaret Whiting 1980 Audiophile
Too Marvelous for Words - A Tribute to Johnny Mercer, Richard Whiting, Arthur Schwartz & Alec Wilder Margaret Whiting 1995 Audiophile


Title Performer Release date Label
A Bushel and a Peck Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely with Vocal Group and Orchestra September 25, 1950 Capitol Records
All Through the Day Margaret Whiting with Orchestra conducted by Carl Kress February 1946 Capitol Records
A Man Margaret Whiting July 1955 Capitol Records
A Tree in the Meadow Margaret Whiting July 1948 Capitol Records
Baby, It's Cold Outside Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer (Paul Weston Orchestra) 1949 Capitol Records
Christmas Candy Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely with Orchestra November 1950 Capitol Records
Come Rain or Come Shine Margaret Whiting 1946 Capitol Records
Dime a Dozen Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra August 1949 Capitol Records
Everlasting Margaret Whiting July 1951 Capitol Records
Far Away Places Margaret Whiting October 1948 Capitol Records
Foggy River Margaret Whiting February 1952 Capitol Records
Forever and Ever Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra February 1949 Capitol Records
Guilty Margaret Whiting with Orchestra Conducted by Jerry Gray 1946 Capitol Records
I Almost Called Your Name Margaret Whiting September 1967 London Records
I Could Write a Book Margaret Whiting with Orchestra Conducted by Lou Busch March 1952 Capitol Records
I'll Never Slip Around Again Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely with Orchestra October 1949 Capitol Records
It Keeps Right on a Hurtin' Margaret Whiting January 1968 London Records
It Might as Well Be Spring Paul Weston and his Orchestra with Margaret Whiting 1945 Capitol Records
Joey Margaret Whiting June 1954 Capitol Records
Just a Dream Margaret Whiting July 1958 Dot Records
Let's Go to Church (Next Sunday Morning) Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely with Orchestra March 1950 Capitol Records
My Heart Knows Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely July 1953 Capitol Records
Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song} Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra January 1948 Capitol Records
Outside of Heaven Margaret Whiting September 1952 Capitol Records
Passé Margaret Whiting September 1946 Capitol Records
Pass That Peace Pipe Margaret Whiting with The Crew Chiefs and Frank DeVol and His Orchestra October 1947 Capitol Records
Please Don't Kiss Me Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra 1948 Capitol Records
Slipping Around Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely with Orchestra September 5, 1949 Capitol Records
Spring Isn't Everything Margaret Whiting 1947 Capitol Records
The Freedom Train Johnny Mercer, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Margaret Whiting and The Pied Pipers 1947 Capitol Records
The Tennessee Churchbells Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely with Orchestra December 1953 Capitol Records
Top of the Moon Margaret Whiting - Orch. & Chorus Conducted by Milton Rogers March 1959 Dot Records
True Love Margaret Whiting July 1956 Capitol Records
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra 1947 Capitol Records
What's Good About Goodbye Margaret Whiting February 1948 Capitol Records
When You and I Were Young Maggie Blues Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely May 1951 Capitol Records
Why Don't You Believe Me Margaret Whiting with Orchestra Conducted by Lou Busch November 1952 Capitol Records
You're an Old Smoothie Margaret Whiting with Frank De Vol and His Orchestra 1950 Capitol Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Ben Bagley's Frank Loesser Revisited Various artists produced by Ben Bagley 1977 Painted Smiles
Jerome Kern's Music various artists 1947 Capitol Records