Jesse Crawford

Jesse Crawford
December 2, 1895
May 28, 1962
United States
Pianist and organist. Crawford was well known in the 1920s as a theatre organist for silent films.
Helen Crawford Wife


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
i July 20, 1928 (3 artists)

Covers by Jesse Crawford

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i November 1927 (unknown)
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Jesse Crawford August 1930 Unverified
i 1959 Edith Day
i July 1947 Edith Decker
i March 1955 John Steel and Ruth Thomas
i 1957 Patti Page
i March 1955 Irving Kaufman
i 1941 Cecil Fanning
i June 1929 George Olsen and His Music
i 1958 Eddie Fisher with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus
i 1958 Renato Rascel e coro
i July 16, 1926 (unknown)
i 1957 Yves Montand
i 1949 (unknown), W.D. McFarland
i 1949 (unknown)
i 1958 (unknown)
i November 1927 (unknown)
i March 1955 (unknown)
i April 1927 Belle Baker
i 1957 Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra
i June 1929 Riley Puckett and Bob Nichols (Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett), Gene Austin
i 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
i July 1947 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
i January 1927 (unknown)
i April 1930 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal Refrain by Carmen Lombardo
i July 1, 1927 Graziella Pareto
i July 1947 Emma Trentini
i 1958 Louis Jourdan
i 1941 Anton Seidl
Gypsy Love Song Jesse Crawford August 1930 Unverified
i 1958 Waltham Abbey Choir
i 1958 Judy Garland with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra
i 1957 Al Hibbler
i December 1926 (unknown)
i November 15, 1929 Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
i November 19, 1926 Imperial Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman
November 1929 Carl Haworth
November 1929 Morton Downey
i 1958 Bing Crosby
i 1959 Orville Harrold
i 1949 Regal Orchestra
i November 1929 Mary Ellis and Dennis King
April 1927 Al Jolson
i 1958 (unknown)
i 1957 The Dream Weavers
i 1958 Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra
i July 1929 (unknown)
i 1957 Jack Fulton
i 1959 Fritzi Scheff
i July 1947 Richard Crooks
i July 1, 1927 Sebastián Yradier
i 1958 The Buffalo Bills
i 1959 Fritz Kreisler accompanied on piano by Carl Lamson
i 1959 Comedian Harmonists
i 1941 Mr. Peter Dawson with Orchestral Accompaniment
i 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
i March 1955 The Troubadours - Vocal Refrain by Lewis James
i February 1927 Oscar Shaw and Gertrude Lawrence
i January 1929 Golden Gate Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Billy Murray
i November 15, 1929 Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees - Vocal Refrain by Rudy Vallée
i 1957 Kurt Gerron
i January 1928 "Kenn" Sisson and His Orchestra
i 1957 Orchester Georges Boulanger
October 1929 Charles W. Hamp
i June 1925 Chauncey Olcott
i 1958 (unknown)
i 1958 Emily Laurey
i 1958 (unknown)
i July 1947 Carolyn Thomson & Dennis King
i 1957 John Michael King
i March 1955 Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys
i March 1955 Franklyn Baur
i May 1930 George Gershwin - Paul Whiteman and The Palais Royal Orchestra
i July 1947 Dennis King & Arthur Dragon
i 1958 Bing Crosby with Lani McIntire and His Hawaiians
i 1958 David Whitfield with Stanley Black and His Orchestra
i November 1929 Howard Marsh, Raymond Marlowe, Frederic Wolff and Paul Kleeman
i January 1925 (unknown)
i July 1929 Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone)
i 1958 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
i 1958 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
October 1929 The Rounders [US1]
i February 1926 Carlyle Stevenson's El Patio Orchestra
i January 1925 (unknown)
i 1959 Grace Moore
i July 1947 Audrey Maple & Melville Stewart
i 1949 Frances Alda
i 1958 Nat "King" Cole [Trio]
i 1958 Tally-Ho!
i March 1955 Ray Middleton
i 1941 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
i January 1928 Lanin's Arcadians - Vocal Chorus, Scrappy Lambert
i January 1927 (unknown)
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1941 Victor Sorlin
i 1957 Todd Duncan
i July 16, 1926 Hilanderas y pescadores
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1957 Doris Day with Frank DeVol & His Orchestra
i April 1930 Elsie Carlisle
i March 1955 Grace Moore & John Steel
i October 1927 Kammersänger C. Richard Tauber
i June 1925 Corinne Morgan, Frank C. Stanley
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1958 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
i 1958 Bob Thompson [US1]
i 1958 Frank Sinatra
i January 1929 Ona Munson and Jack Whiting




Title Performer Release date Label
A Precious Little Thing Called Love Jesse Crawford June 1929 Victor
At Peace with the World Jesse Crawford July 16, 1926 Victor
Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter ('Cross My Floor) Jesse Crawford November 1927 Victor
Barcelona Jesse Crawford December 1926 Victor
Blue Skies Jesse Crawford April 1927 Victor
Chérie, I Love You Jesse Crawford January 1927 Victor
Cryin' for the Carolines Jesse Crawford April 1930 Victor
Estrellita Jesse Crawford July 1, 1927 Victor
How Am I to Know? Jesse Crawford November 15, 1929 Victor
I'd Love to Call You My Sweetheart Jesse Crawford with Goldkette's Book-Cadillac Orchestra November 19, 1926 Victor
I'll Always Be in Love with You Jesse Crawford November 1929 Victor
Indian Love Call Jesse Crawford November 1929 Victor
It All Depends on You / I'm Looking for a Girl Named Mary Franklyn Baur and Jesse Crawford - Lewis James April 1927 Victor
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling Jesse Crawford July 1929 Victor
Just Like a Melody out of the Sky Jesse Crawford July 20, 1928 Victor
Maybe - Someone to Watch over Me Jesse Crawford with Nat Shilhkret and the Victor Orchestra - George Olsen and His Music February 1927 Victor
My Blue Heaven Jesse Crawford January 1928 Victor
My Sin Jesse Crawford - Vocal Refrain by Paul Small October 1929 Victor
My Wild Irish Rose Jesse Crawford June 1925 Victor
Rhapsody in Blue (Parts 1 & 2) Jesse Crawford May 1930 Victor
Sleepy Time Gal Jesse Crawford February 1926 Victor
Somewhere a Voice Is Calling Jesse Crawford January 1925 Victor
When Day Is Done Jesse Crawford October 1927 Victor
You're the Cream in My Coffee Jesse Crawford January 1929 Victor