Jesse Crawford

Jesse Crawford
December 2, 1895
May 28, 1962
United States
Pianist and organist. Crawford was well known in the 1920s as a theatre organist for silent films.
Helen Crawford Wife


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Covers by Jesse Crawford

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i November 1927 (unknown)
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Jesse Crawford August 1930 Unverified
i 1959 Edith Day
i July 1947 Edith Decker
i March 1955 John Steel and Ruth Thomas
i 1957 Patti Page
i March 1955 Irving Kaufman
i 1941 Cecil Fanning
i June 1929 George Olsen and His Music
i 1958 Eddie Fisher with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus
i 1958 Renato Rascel e coro
i July 16, 1926 (unknown)
i 1957 Yves Montand
i 1949 (unknown), W.D. McFarland
i 1949 (unknown)
i 1958 (unknown)
i November 1927 (unknown)
i March 1955 (unknown)
i April 1927 Belle Baker
i 1957 Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra
i June 1929 Riley Puckett and Bob Nichols (Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett), Gene Austin
i 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
i July 1947 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
i January 1927 (unknown)
i April 1930 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal Refrain by Carmen Lombardo
i July 1, 1927 Graziella Pareto
i July 1947 Emma Trentini
i 1958 Louis Jourdan
i 1941 Anton Seidl
Gypsy Love Song Jesse Crawford August 1930 Unverified
i 1958 Waltham Abbey Choir
i 1958 Judy Garland with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra
i 1957 Al Hibbler
i December 1926 (unknown)
i November 15, 1929 Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
i November 19, 1926 Imperial Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman
November 1929 Carl Haworth
November 1929 Morton Downey
i 1958 Bing Crosby
i 1959 Orville Harrold
i 1949 Regal Orchestra
i November 1929 Mary Ellis and Dennis King
April 1927 Al Jolson
i 1958 (unknown)
i 1957 The Dream Weavers
i 1958 Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra
i July 1929 (unknown)
i 1957 Jack Fulton
i 1959 Fritzi Scheff
i July 1947 Richard Crooks
i July 1, 1927 Sebastián Yradier
i 1958 The Buffalo Bills
i 1959 Fritz Kreisler accompanied on piano by Carl Lamson
i 1959 Comedian Harmonists
i 1941 Mr. Peter Dawson with Orchestral Accompaniment
i 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
i March 1955 The Troubadours - Vocal Refrain by Lewis James
i February 1927 Oscar Shaw and Gertrude Lawrence
i January 1929 Golden Gate Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Billy Murray
i November 15, 1929 Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees - Vocal Refrain by Rudy Vallée
i 1957 Kurt Gerron
i January 1928 "Kenn" Sisson and His Orchestra
i 1957 Orchester Georges Boulanger
October 1929 Charles W. Hamp
i June 1925 Chauncey Olcott
i 1958 (unknown)
i 1958 Emily Laurey
i 1958 (unknown)
i July 1947 Carolyn Thomson & Dennis King
i 1957 John Michael King
i March 1955 Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys
i March 1955 Franklyn Baur
i May 1930 George Gershwin - Paul Whiteman and The Palais Royal Orchestra
i July 1947 Dennis King & Arthur Dragon
i 1958 Bing Crosby with Lani McIntire and His Hawaiians
i 1958 David Whitfield with Stanley Black and His Orchestra
i November 1929 Howard Marsh, Raymond Marlowe, Frederic Wolff and Paul Kleeman
i January 1925 (unknown)
i July 1929 Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone)
i 1958 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
i 1958 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
October 1929 The Rounders [US1]
i February 1926 Carlyle Stevenson's El Patio Orchestra
i January 1925 (unknown)
i 1959 Grace Moore
i July 1947 Audrey Maple & Melville Stewart
i 1949 Frances Alda
i 1958 Nat "King" Cole [Trio]
i 1958 Tally-Ho!
i March 1955 Ray Middleton
i 1941 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
i January 1928 Lanin's Arcadians - Vocal Chorus, Scrappy Lambert
i January 1927 (unknown)
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1941 Victor Sorlin
i 1957 Todd Duncan
i July 16, 1926 Hilanderas y pescadores
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1957 Doris Day with Frank DeVol & His Orchestra
i April 1930 Elsie Carlisle
i March 1955 Grace Moore & John Steel
i October 1927 Kammersänger C. Richard Tauber
i June 1925 Corinne Morgan, Frank C. Stanley
i March 1955 (unknown)
i 1958 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
i 1958 Bob Thompson [US1]
i 1958 Frank Sinatra
i January 1929 Ona Munson and Jack Whiting