Columbia Male Quartet

Columbia Male Quartette
Columbia Quartette
The Columbia Quartette
Henry Burr and Peerless Quartet
Peerless Quartet
The Peerless Quartet
Peerless Quartette
Sam Ash and Mixed Quintette – Peerless Quartette
Vocal Quartette Male Voices
United States
Formed in the late 1890s and originally known as the Columbia Male Quartet, this vocal group used the name The Peerless Quartet for non-Columbia releases.
Albert Campbell First Tenor
Henry Burr Second tenor
Harry C. Browne Peerless Quartet
John Meyer Peerless Quartet
Frank C. Stanley Bass
Carl Mathieu Peerless Quartet


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Covers by Columbia Male Quartet

Title Performer Release date Originally by
listen on Internet Archive February 1916 (unknown)
January 1921 (unknown)
April 1910 Billy Murray and Haydn Qartet with Orchestra
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Peerless Quartet February 1917 Unverified
1910 Knickerbocker Quartette
February 1917 William Tuson
listen on Internet Archive 1921 J. W. Myers
1913 American Quartet with Orchestra
Follow The Swallow Peerless Quartet November 1924 Unverified
From Here to Shanghai Gene Green and Peerless Quartet (Columbia Male Quartet) 1917 Unverified
December 1909 Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
September 1917 American Quartet
listen on Internet Archive 1917 (unknown), (unknown)
March 1920 Brilliant Quartette
listen on Internet Archive November 1920 Reese Jones (Billy Jones [US1])
listen on Internet Archive June 1927 Ted Lewis and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Ted Lewis
June 1918 Robert Lewis [US] (Lewis James)
listen on Internet Archive September 1921 Mr. Ernest Pike with Orchestral Accompaniment
June 1921 (unknown)
1906 Irving Gillette (Henry Burr)
listen on Internet Archive August 1927 Emile Berliner
1916 Geo J. Gaskin
1921 Orlando's Orchestra
listen on Internet Archive   January 1927 Honey Duke and His Uke (Johnny Marvin) REL, Philip Spitalny and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Charles Hart REC
January 1918 Mr. J. W. Myers
listen on Internet Archive March 1920 (unknown)
Covered by (10 artists)
January 1918 Frederick Wheeler
November 1911 Arthur C. Clough
November 1913 George Alexander [US1]
October 1924 Mr. A. C. Campbell
listen on Internet Archive April 1921 William Frawley
1908 (unknown)
listen on Internet Archive December 1921 Broadway Quartette
Oh! Susanna Harry C. Browne and Peerless Quartet Unverified
listen on Internet Archive 1912 Billy Murray and American Quartet with Orchestra
1910 The Banda Rossa
1910 Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
1908 J. W. Myers
  January 1918 Stanley Kirkby REC,REL, The Harlequinaders PRF
1926 Al Bernard - Sammy Stept at the Piano
listen on Internet Archive 1923 Henry Burr
listen on Internet Archive October 1920 Jos. Samuels Dance Orchestra
listen on Internet Archive June 1927 (unknown)
listen on Internet Archive December 17, 1926 Henry Burr
Sweet Genevieve Peerless Quartet July 19, 1926 Unverified
October 1924 Byron G. Harlan
listen on Internet Archive August 1927 (unknown)
1918 (unknown)
listen on Internet Archive August 1915 (unknown)
listen on Internet Archive October 1924 Oriole Orchestra
listen on Internet Archive November 1922 Margaret Young
listen on Internet Archive March 1922 (unknown)
  April 1927 Manhattan Dance Makers - Vocal Chorus by Jimmy Flynn REL, Ben Pollack and His Californians - Vocal Refrain by Joey Ray REC
October 1919 (unknown)
June 1919 J. W. Myers
listen on Internet Archive September 1921 (unknown)
May 1913 Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
listen on Internet Archive 1923 Miss Morgan & Mr. Stanley
1904 (unknown)



Title Performer Release date Label
America, I Love You! - You'll Be There! American Quartet - Peerless Quartet January 1916 Victor
At Peace with the World - Sally's Not the Same Old Sally (I Left on the Ozark Trail) Lewis James and Franklyn Baur - Peerless Quartette 1926 Victor
Away Down South Peerless Quartet November 1922 Victor
Break the News to Mother - Just as the Sun Went Down Henry Burr and the Columbia Stellar Quartette - Peerless Quartette January 1918 Columbia [US]
Broadway Rose – Mother's Lullaby Peerless Quartette – Sterling Trio January 1921 Columbia [US]
By the Campfire - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Peerless Quartet - Charles Hart-Elliott Shaw June 1919 Victor
By the Light of the Silvery Moon – Belle of Brittany Columbia Quartette – Prince's Orchestra April 1910 Columbia [US]
Carry Me Back to My Carolina Home - A Picture Without a Frame Albert Campbell–Henry Burr – Peerless Quartet January 1923 Victor
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - Darling Nellie Gray Orpheus Quartet - Peerless Quartet February 1917 Victor
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - Darling Nellie Gray Shannon Quartet - Peerless Quartet June 1926 Victor
Cheer Up Mother, Cheer Up Father - Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land Peerless Quartette - Irving Kaufman October 1918 OKeh
Come to the Ball - It's a Long Lane That Has No Turning Henry Burr - Peerless Quartet February 1912 Victor
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming The Peerless Quartet 1910 Indestructible Record
Dardanella Blues - Swanee Billy Murray–Ed. Smalle - Peerless Quartet October 1920 Victor
Dear Old Girl – My Gal Sal Peerless Quartet – Columbia Stellar Quartette 1921 Columbia [US]
Don't Blame It All on Broadway – Do You Take This Woman for Your Lawful Wife? Peerless Quartette – William Halley 1914 Columbia [US]
Down Yonder - Don't You Remember the Time? Peerless Quartet - Louise Terrell-Charles Hart August 1921 Victor
Drifting – You're the Only Girl That Made Me Cry Peerless Quartette - Henry Burr October 20, 1920 Columbia [US]
Everybody Two-Step Peerless Quartette 1913 Columbia [US]
Everything is Peaches down in Georgia - Carolina I'm Coming Back to You American Quartet - Peerless Quartet November 1918 Victor
For the Two of Us – I Hate to Lose You Horace Wright–Rene Dietrich – Peerless Quartet June 1918 Victor
Frieda – Love's Last Word Miss Stevenson and Columbia Quartette – Prince's Orchestra January 1909 Columbia [US]
Georgia – Oh! You Beautiful Baby Peerless Quartet – Aileen Stanley–Billy Murray May 1922 Victor
God Be with You - Heaven Is My Home Columbia Male Quartette - Henry Burr December 1909 Columbia [US]
Good 'Night Moonlight Columbia Quartette August 1909 Columbia [US]
Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here Irving Kaufman & Columbia Quartette 1917 Columbia [US]
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing Columbia Male Quartet July 1904 Columbia [US]
Hear Dem Bells Harry C. Browne and Peerless Quartet March 1920 Columbia [US]
If You See Sally Peerless Quartet June 1927 Victor
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Henry Burr and Peerless Quartet September 1921 Victor
I Love a Piano - Since Mother Goes to the Movie Shows M.J. O'Connell - The Peerless Quartet 1916 Columbia [US]
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - I Wonder What They're Doing Tonight Harry Fox - Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartette 1918 Columbia [US]
I'm Going Back to Carolina - Welcome Home Collins and Harlan - Peerless Quartet May 1913 Victor
I'm Sitting Pretty in a Pretty Little City - Alabamy Blacksheep Albert Campbell–Henry Burr – Peerless Quartet November 30, 1923 Victor
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree The Columbia Quartette 1906 Columbia [US]
In the Sweet Bye-and-Bye Peerless Quartet August 1927 Victor
It's Always Orange Day in California – I Never Knew Peerless Quartet – Edna Brown–James Reed September 1916 Victor
I Used to Love You, but It's All over Now Peerless Quartet 1921 Victor
I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad - Down in Sunshine Alley The Peerless Quartet – Campbell and Burr September 1911 Columbia [US]
I Want a Man Like Dad – The Curse of an Aching Heart The Peerless Quartet - Manuel Romain 1913 Columbia [US]
I Wish I Had a Girl - Golden Land of My Dreams Harry Tally - Henry Burr and Columbia Quartette March 1909 Columbia [US]
Jane - If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts, We'll Just Be the Same Old Friends Peerless Quartet - Irving Kaufman August 1915 Victor
Just a Little Longer / I'm All Alone in a Palace of Stone Peerless Quartette - Henry Burr January 1927 Victor
Kentucky Home - Who'll Be the Next One (To Cry Over You) Henry Burr and Peerless Quartet - Arthur Fields December 1921 Victor
Let Me Call You Sweetheart The Peerless Quartet November 1911 Columbia [US]
Mandalay Peerless Quartet October 1924 Victor
Men of Harlech - Reminiscences of Wales Peerless Quartet - Conway's Band November 1913 Victor
'Mid the Green Fields of Virginia Peerless Quartet October 1924 Victor
Mr. Radio Man (Tell My Mammy to Come Back Home) - Watchin' the Moon Rise Lewis James - Peerless Quartet March 1924 Victor
Musical Sam from Alabam – The Story Book Ball Peerless Quartette – Campbell and Burr 1918 Columbia [US]
My Lady of the Telephone – Are You from Dixie? Sam Ash and Mixed Quintette – Peerless Quartette February 1916 Columbia [US]
My Little Girl – There's a Little White Church in the Valley Albert Campbell–Henry Burr – Peerless Quartet August 1915 Victor
My Mammy - Underneath Hawaiian Skies The Peerless Quartet – Albert Campbell–Henry Burr April 1921 Victor
My Old Kentucky Home The Peerless Quartet 1908 Indestructible Record
My Sunny Tennessee Peerless Quartet December 1921 Victor
My Wild Irish Rose - When the Bloom Is on the Heather Brunswick Quartet - Columbia Quartet 1910 Columbia [US]
Nellie Dean – I'se Gwine Back to Dixie Columbia Stellar Quartette - Peerless Quartette 1916 Columbia [US]
Nestle in Your Daddy's Arms – I'm Missin' Mammy's Kissin' (And I Know She's Missin' Mine) American Quartet - Peerless Quartet June 1921 Victor
Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care) – Goodnight Angeline Jack Kaufman - Peerless Quartette January 1920 OKeh
Oh You Beautiful Doll – Oh, You Wonderful Girl Columbia Quartette – Andrea Sarto 1912 Columbia [US]
Old Black Joe The Peerless Quartet 1910 Lakeside Indestructible Cylinder Record
Old Time Religion - I Want to See the Old Home Columbia Male Quartet – Carroll Clark 1910 Columbia [US]
One and Two and Three and Four, Rock-a-Bye – Chong (He Come from Hong Kong) Peerless Quartette - Irving Kaufman May 1919 Columbia [US]
On the Old Front Porch – Oh You Million Dollar Doll Ada Jones and Henry Burr – Peerless Quartet December 1913 Columbia [US]
Over There Peerless Quartette 1917 Columbia [US]
Rag Time Chimes – That Raggedy Rag Dolly Connolly – Peerless Quartette 1912 Columbia [US]
Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm - If I Had My Way American Quartet - Peerless Quartet May 1914 Victor
Row, Row, Row - The Ghost of the Violin Arthur Collins - Columbia Quartette January 1913 Columbia [US]
Safe in the Arms of Jesus - Onward Christian Soldiers Henry Burr - Vocal Quartette Male Voices 1908 Columbia [US]
Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay – Love Me While the Lovin' Is Good Henry Burr and Albert Campbell – Peerless Quartet 1913 Columbia [US]
Silver Bell – In the Gloaming Peerless Quartet – Will Oakland and American Quartet November 1910 Victor
Silver Threads Among the Gold Henry Burr and Peerless Quartet 1923 Victor
Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine - Way down in Arkansaw Peerless Quartet - Billy Murray and Irving Kaufman April 1916 Victor
Sweet Genevieve – Where the River Shannon Flows Peerless Quartet – Franklyn Baur December 17, 1926 Victor
Sweet Hour of Prayer - The Hymns of the Old Church Choir Mrs. A. Stewart Holt - Peerless Quartette June 1906 Columbia [US]
Take Me to My Alabam' - O'Brien is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian Peerless Quartet - Horace Wright December 1916 Victor
Texico – In My Harem Peerless Quartette – Walter Van Brunt 1913 Columbia [US]
That Aeroplane Glide – Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Dolly Connolly - Peerless Quartet 1912 Columbia [US]
The Bells – The Ragtime Dream Peerless Quartette – Collins and Harlan 1914 Edison
The Curse of an Aching Heart - Down Old Harmony Way Will Oakland - Peerless Quartet August 1913 Victor
There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-Night Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartette 1918 Columbia [US]
The Worst is Yet to Come - Ja-Da (Ja-Da Ja-Da, Jing Jing!) The Peerless Quartet - Arthur Fields February 1919 Columbia [US]
The Yama-Yama Man - Did He Run? Ada Jones and Chorus - Columbia Quartet May 1909 Columbia [US]
Throw No Stones in the Well That Gives You Water – Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France Arthur Fields - Peerless Quartet September 1917 Columbia [US]
Tired of Me – I'd Love to Fall Asleep and Wake Up in My Mammy's Arms Henry Burr - Peerless Quartet November 1920 Victor
War Song Hits Columbia Quartette January 1918 Columbia [US]
Way Down on Tampa Bay – Settle Down in a One Horse Town Peerless Quartet – Ada Jones–Billy Murray March 1915 Victor
Weep No More My Mammy – I'll Be Glad to Get Back to My Home Town Peerless Quartet – American Quartet March 1922 Victor
When I First Met Mary Peerless Quartet April 1927 Gennett
When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget Peerless Quartette October 1919 Columbia [US]
When I Send You a Picture of Berlin - Indianola Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartet - Billy Murray August 1918 Victor
When It's Moonlight in Mayo - She Lives down in Our Alley Peerless Quartette - Stuart and Burton May 1915 Columbia [US]
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Amparito Farrar and Columbia Quartette June 1919 Columbia [US]
When Lights Are Low – What's To-Day Got to Do with To-Morrow Marcia Freer – Peerless Quartet May 1924 Victor
When the Angelus Is Ringing - In the Valley of the Moon Peerless Quartette - Helen Clark and Henry Burr 1914 Columbia [US]
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder - I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Peerless Quartette - Frank Croxton May 1913 Columbia [US]
When You're Gone I Won't Forget - There's a Vacant Chair at Home Sweet Home (When the World Goes Back on You) Peerless Quartet - Charles Harrison February 1921 Victor
When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose - The Red, White and Blue American Quartet - Peerless Quartet December 1914 Victor
Wyoming Lullaby (Go to Sleep, My Baby) - Blue Jeans Charles Hart-Elliott Shaw - Peerless Quartet May 1921 Victor
You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline Columbia Quartette 1904 Columbia [US]