Frankie Laine

Frankie Laine
Frankie Laine and The Muleskinners
Real name
Francesco Paolo LoVecchio
March 30, 1913
February 6, 2007
United States
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Carl Fischer


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Covers by Frankie Laine

Title Performer Release date Originally by
December 1961 Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers
1958 The Revelers
March 1958 Lidia Martorana
1954 Campbell and Burr
1954 Katherine Perry
1953 Margaret Simms & Paul Bass
1946 Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five
A Kiss Can Change the World Frankie Laine | Ray Ellis and his Orchestra (Ray Ellis [jazz], Frankie Laine) April 14, 1958 Unverified
April 1947 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Mildred Bailey
March 1961 Dinah Shore with Orchestra - Albert Sack, Conductor
July 1986 B.J. Thomas
September 14, 1953 Leila Negra, Der Wiener Kinderchor Waltherr, Erwin Halletz orkester
Covered by (66 artists)
1969 Dean Martin
February 1947 Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Fran Warren
March 1958 Yves Montand, Jo Stafford with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney
October 10, 1955 Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons
1956 Nat King Cole Trio
August 1953 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
May 1959 (unknown), (unknown)
March 1958 Emilio Tuero, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1947 Edith Wilson
1959 Shirley Ross, Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Kenneth Sargent
1947 Barney Trimble and His Oklahomans
1958 Ambrose and His Orchestra
1969 The Chordettes - Orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer
January 1948 Bing Crosby
1946 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - Vocal Refrain by Carmen Lombardo
June 1968 Johnny Rivers
March 1971 John Stewart
December 1961 (unknown)
October 1949 George Primrose
1949 (unknown)
June 1968 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
March 1998 Louis Jourdan
1947 Fats Waller and His Buddies - Vocal Refrain by Orlando Roberson, Chester Gaylord
March 1955 Bob Atcher
1947 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
1982 (unknown), Edward Nell with The Foursome Quartet
1969 Tim Hardin
August 1953 Louis Armstrong and His Dixieland Seven
1950 Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
1959 Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
March 1978 Barbra Streisand
October 26, 1953 American Quartet
1964 Bobby Solo con l'Orchesta diretta da Gianni Marchetti e il Coro di Franco Potenza
June 1968 John Hartford
December 1961 Little Richard
1949 Billie Holiday
November 30, 1953 Pedro Vargas con Orquesta, Bing Crosby with The Bando da Lua
1968 Johnny Darrell
1986 Frankie Laine with Jimmy Carroll
October 1955 Bobby Lord
1947 Jacques Renard & His Orchestra
1958 Sam Coslow
November 1951 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
July 1953 Carl Smith
1986 Tex Ritter
June 20, 1952 Tex Ritter
June 1968 Bob Shane
March 1998 James Ingram and Patti Austin
March 1998 Marvin Gaye
January 30, 1953 Jane Froman with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Sid Feller
1947 Dolores Valesco
1958 Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Gracie Barrie
1968 Harlan Leonard and His Rockets - Vocal Refrain by Myra Taylor
May 1956 Heavenly Gospel Singers
March 1967 The Ink Spots
February 1963 Rex Weber
March 1978 Alexandra - Orchester Boris Jojić, Shirley Bassey
1956 Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Billie Holiday
1958 (unknown), Dick Powell
1958 Ivie Anderson
1967 Harry James and His Orchestra
May 1959 Nick Lucas "The Crooning Troubadour"
May 1959 Dennis King
May 1946 Trixie Friganza and Jimmie Savo
1959 Fats Waller and His Buddies - Vocal Refrain by Orlando Roberson, Chester Gaylord
1949 Little Jack Little and His Orchestra
1948 Nick Lucas "The Crooning Troubadour"
July 2, 1951 Dean Martin with Orchestra conducted by Dick Stabile
January 1949 The King Cole Trio
1958 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra
1968 Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers
1959 Claude Hopkins and His Orchestra
October 26, 1951 Jacob Gade, Kathryn Grayson
1954 Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
March 1958 Sebastián Yradier
1954 Hotel Pennsylvania Music
1968 Dinah Shore
March 1958 Emil Newman, Jean Sablon - Orchestre, dir. Paul Baron
1967 Leon Ashley
June 1968 Roger Miller [US-OK]
October 29, 1956 Cyril Scott
1959 Evelyn Herbert
December 1961 Robert Alda
1954 Benny Goodman
April 1947 Ray Dorey
March 1958 Ray Dorey
1959 The Troubadours - Vocal Refrain by Lewis James
November 5, 1976 The Beatles
March 1967 The Ink Spots
March 1948 Bob Chester and His Orchestra
February 1963 (unknown), Tetos Demetriades meta tis orhistras tou, Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions-In-Music
March 1958 David Leonard, Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra
March 1998 Valaida & Dee Lloyd McKaye
March 1971 Jerry Jeff Walker
October 1949 Buz Butler and Cass County Boys
1950 Gene Austin
November 1953 Eddie South and His Alabamians
March 1958 Dick Farney
March 1998 King Cole with Orchestra conducted by Frank DeVol
May 1949 Jack Denny & His Orchestra
September 1959 Ashley and Foster (Clarence Ashley, Gwen Foster)
August 1953 Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra
March 1978 Barry Mann
1964 Frankie Laine
Covered by I Campioni
1962 Johnny Horton
July 1949 Betty Hutton
November 1947 Walter Catlett
September 1959 (unknown)
July 1986 Tom T. Hall
1950 Adelaide Hall
December 1951 Lena Horne with Orchestra conducted by Horace Henderson
August 1956 (unknown), Charles Kullman
1947 Harry Richman
September 19, 1952 Red Saunders and His Orch.
March 1971 The Righteous Brothers
May 14, 1951 Mary Lou and Her Chosen Five, Bill Johnson and His Musical Notes
March 1971 Creedence Clearwater Revival
March 1971 Anne Murray
March 1958 Tito Schipa
August 1954 Biddleville Quintette
February 1963 Burl Ives
September 1959 [Prisoners of Mississippi State Penitentiary's Parchman Work Camp]
May 1951 Yao Lee
Covered by (5 artists)
January 1949 Earl Hines and His Orchestra
1986 Herschel Burke Gilbert Orchestra, Stanley Wilson, Frankie Laine, David Rose
1964 Frankie Laine
Covered by Gene Pitney
March 1998 Jo Stafford with Vocal Group and Paul Weston and His Orchestra
March 1978 Glynis Johns
1946 Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Bob Goday
1959 Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Bob Goday
February 1963 Howard Marsh, Raymond Marlowe, Frederic Wolff and Paul Kleeman
December 1947 Aida Overton Walker, Boyd Senter and His Senterpedes - Vocal Refrain by Paul Small
May 1959 Sam Lanin's Orchestra
September 1948 Nora Bayes
March 1958 Edith Piaf
January 1956 Merle Travis
May 1954 Carolyn Thomson
December 1951 R. K. Holstein and Octette
1956 Bob Haring & His Orchestra
1956 Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians
March 1978 Ray Stevens
1956 Ethel Waters
March 1971 Jerry Reed
1964 Domenico Modugno
August 1949 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra
1956 Virginia Verrill
March 1998 Nat "King" Cole
1953 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra
1946 Russell Wooding and His Grand Central Red Caps
May 14, 1951 Joe Liggins and His "Honeydrippers"
January 1950 Terry Gilkyson
1967 Dorothy Squires with Orchestra directed by Billy Reid
March 1961 Marty Robbins with Ray Conniff and His Orch.
December 1961 Charles Coborn
1952 Al Jolson
December 1961 Samantha Bumgarner
1958 Dorothy Dickson
1969 Marty Robbins with Ray Conniff and His Orchestra
January 31, 1955 Flora Walsh
May 1959 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
1962 Vaughan's Texas Quartet
June 1968 Gogi Grant
March 1998 Rufus Smith
March 1998 Priscilla Lane
1950 Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
1968 Eddy Howard and His Orchestra
September 19, 1952 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
November 28, 1952 Irving Kaufman
1959 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Kenny Sargent
March 1958 Victor Young and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Louanne Hogan, Gino Latilla
March 1958 Giovanni Ambrosini, Maria Cappiello
May 1959 New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
1962 Sons of the Pioneers
September 1947 Miss Joséphine Baker et M. Adrien Lamy, Vincent Rose & His Orch. - Vocal Chorus by Paul Small
1956 Ethel Waters, Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Vocal Chorus by Pha Terrell
August 5, 1957 (unknown), Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight with Sam Price Trio
February 1963 Everett Marshall
August 1953 Peerless Quartet
May 1959 Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - Vocal Chorus by Carmen Lombardo
December 1947 The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston and His Orchestra
June 1968 Louis Armstrong
February 1963 Anthony Newley
1982 Al Costello with The Walter Scott Orchestra
March 1998 Brian Stokes Mitchell, Audra McDonald
December 1951 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
July 1986 The Everly Brothers
June 1968 Glenn Yarbrough
1954 Ted Fiorito & His Orchestra
1947 Bing Crosby
1968 Mills Brothers
1956 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
January 1969 Marty Robbins
March 1998 Lou Rawls
March 1998 Frank Sinatra
January 30, 1953 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
March 1967 Enrico Caruso accompag. dall' Autore Ruggiero Leoncavallo, Vic Damone with Glenn Osser's Orchestra
1958 Harry James and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Dick Haymes