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Pizzicato Five
Pizzicato 5
Pizzicato V
Originally a five-piece unit, they debuted commercially in 1985 under the aegis of Haruomi Hosono.
In the early years of their career, Pizzicato Five went through diverse line-up changes, only to find temporary stability (and commercial success) in the early 1990's, when singer/model Maki Nomiya joined Konishi and Takanami.
In the mid-1990's, when Pizzicato Five started to gain international recognition, Takanami quit the band, thus leaving Konishi and Nomiya as the only remaining members.
The duo officially broke up on March 1, 2001.
Known for their prolificacy and eclecticism, their unique retro-futuristic sound and fashion sense made them (at least for Western audiences) the epitome of the so-called Shibuya-kei (Shibuya Style).
Yasuharu Konishi Founder and only constant member
Maki Nomiya Lead singer (1990-2001)
Keitaro Takanami (1984 - 1994)
Takao Tajima Lead singer (1988-1990)
Mamiko Sasaki Lead singer (1984-1987)
Ryo Kamomiya (1984-1987)


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Title Performer Release date Label
Bellissima! - New and Bold Conceptions of Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Five September 21, 1988 CBS Sony
Bossa Nova 2001 - Music for the Age of Aquarius Pizzicato Five June 1, 1993 Triad [JP]
Couples; Pizzicato Five Takes Twelve New Directions Pizzicato Five April 1, 1987 CBS Sony
Great White Wonder - Rare Masters 1990-1996 Pizzicato Five October 1, 1996 Triad [JP]
Happy End of the World Pizzicato Five June 21, 1997 Readymade Records
On Her Majesty's Request - A Musical Extravaganza Performed by Tokyo's Coolest Combo & Orchestra Pizzicato Five July 21, 1989 CBS Sony
Overdose Pizzicato Five October 1, 1994 Triad [JP]
Pizzicato Five™ Pizzicato Five November 20, 1999 Readymade Records
Romantique 96 Pizzicato Five September 30, 1995 Triad [JP]
さ・え・ら ジャポン {sa e ra Japon} Pizzicato Five January 1, 2001 Readymade Records
Sister Freedom Tapes Pizzicato Five June 20, 1996 Triad [JP]
Soft Landing on the Moon - The Music of Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Five May 21, 1990 CBS Sony
Sweet Pizzicato Five - Sweet Melodies and Catchy Ideas Pizzicato Five September 21, 1992 Triad [JP]
The Band of 20th Century - Sony Music Years 1986-1990 Pizzicato Five October 27, 2004 Sony Music Japan
The International Playboy & Playgirl Record Pizzicato Five October 1, 1998 Readymade Records
This Year's Girl Pizzicato Five September 1, 1991 Seven Gods
抱きしめたい! {Dakishimetai!} - Music Collection Yasuharu Konishi / Pizzicato Five September 27, 2013 avex trax


Title Performer Release date Label
24 Decembre ep Pizzicato Five November 22, 2000 Readymade Records
A Television's Workshop e.p. Pizzicato Five February 10, 1994 Triad [JP]
Darlin' of Discothèque e.p. Pizzicato Five April 21, 1999 Readymade Records
London-Paris-Tokyo ep Pizzicato Five July 1, 1991 Seven Gods
Nonstop to Tokyo ep Pizzicato Five July 17, 1999 Readymade Records
Readymade Recordings Pizzicato Five August 1, 1991 Seven Gods


Title Performer Release date Label
7:00pm Tokyo Pizzicato Five December 1, 1993 Triad [JP]
A Message Song Pizzicato Five December 21, 1996 Triad [JP]
A Perfect World Pizzicato Five October 21, 1999 Readymade Records
Baby Portable Rock Pizzicato Five March 20, 1996 Triad [JP]
Happy Sad Pizzicato Five April 21, 1994 Triad [JP]
It's All Too Beautiful... Pizzicato Five March 1, 1997 Readymade Records
Pizzicato V in the Audrey Hepburn Complex Pizzicato V August 21, 1985 Non Standard
Such a Beautiful Girl Like You Pizzicato Five July 18, 1998 Readymade Records
Superstar Pizzicato Five July 21, 1994 Triad [JP]
Week-End Pizzicato Five September 19, 1998 Readymade Records
恋のルール・新しいルール [La régle du jeu] Pizzicato Five January 21, 1998 Readymade Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
A Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim various artists 1997 XIII Bis Records
Lounge-A-Palooza various artists October 7, 1997 Hollywood Records [US1]
Misora Hibari Tribute various artists July 20, 2000 Nippon Columbia
Tribute to Burt Bacharach various artists November 21, 1994 Triad [JP]


Title Performer Release date Label
アイドルばかりピチカート {Idol bakari Pizzicato} - T-Palette Records x KONISHI yasuharu various artists April 22, 2015 T-Palette Records
Quiet Rooms Song for Couples Avec Meets Haruko Asaka July 1, 2000 Out of Tune Records [JP]
戦争に反対する唯一の手段は。~ピチカート・ファイヴのうたとことば {Sensō ni hantai suru yuiitsu no shudan wa. - Pichikāto faivu no uta to kotoba} various artists March 31, 2002 Readymade International