Dolores Gray

Dolores Gray
Real name
Sylvia Delores Finkelstein
June 7, 1924
June 26, 2002
United States
Film, television. stage actress and singer born in Los Angeles.


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
(7 artists)
(500 artists)
1955 (2 artists)

Covers by Dolores Gray

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1954 Van & Schenck
April 1953 Leo Soileau - Mayuse Lafleur, Link Davis with Benny Leader's Bayou-Billies
October 1957 Freddie Martin and His Orchestra
October 1957 Gertrude Lawrence
October 1957 Walter Woolf King
1941 Don Barreto and His Cuban Orchestra, Harry James and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Dick Haymes
1954 Ethel Waters
October 1957 Bobbe Arnst
October 1957 Maurice Chevalier, Rolfe Sedan, Bert Roach, Jeanette MacDonald
March 1955 Ivory Joe Hunter and His Ivorytones
1991 Peter Cookson
February 1953 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1954 Al Jolson with Gene Rodemich's Orchestra
1955 Joan Diener, Henry Calvin & Chorus (Patrician Dunn, Bonnie Evans, Reiko Sato, Jack Dodds, Mark Wilder)
October 1957 Tom Gerun and His Orchestra - Vocal by Scrappy Lambert
1955 Alfred Drake, Joan Diener, Lucy Andonian & Chorus (Florence Lessing, Beatrice Kraft, Patricia Dunn, Bonnie Evans, Reiko Sato)
March 1955 Lula Reed
April 1953 The Three Dons and Ginny Greer
October 1957 Matty Malneck and His Orchestra
October 1951 Jo Stafford with Paul Weston & His Orchestra and The Norman Luboff Choir
October 1957 Kurt Weill
1953 Victor Young and His Singing Strings
November 1954 Dickie Valentine with The Stargazers
October 1948 Buddy Clark - Orchestra under the direction of Dick Jones
November 1954 Hildegarde Neff
October 1948 (unknown), Ken Griffin at the Organ - Vocal by Jerry Wayne
October 1957 Larry Clinton and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Bea Wain
October 1957 Waring's Pennsylvanians - Vocal Refrain by Tom Waring
October 1957 Mike Doty and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Ward Silloway

Web Covers by Dolores Gray

Title Performer Upload date Originally by
The Ladies Who Lunch Dolores Gray July 16, 2011 Elaine Stritch




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