Renato Carosone

Renato Carosone
Renato Carosone e il suo Quartetto
Renato Carosone e il suo Sestetto
Renato Carosone e il suo sestetto
Renato Carosone e il suo "Trio"
Trio Carosone
Real name
Renato Carusone
January 3, 1920
May 20, 2001
00039646161 5 works
00055255288 10 works
Bandleader, composer, piano player, known for his blend of Jazz music, novelty songs and Neapolitan tradition.
Piero Giorgetti Member of Carosone's band (1954 - 1959)
Peter Van Wood Member of Carosone's band (1949 - 1954)


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Covers by Renato Carosone

Title Performer Release date Originally by
November 1957 Aurelio Fierro
i April 2, 1957 Teddy Reno con Gianni Ferrio, la sua grande Orchestra e il Quartetto Radar
i 1955 (unknown)
i May 12, 1958 (unknown), (unknown)
November 27, 1954 Gino Latilla - Orchestra della Canzone dir. dal M.o Angelini
i 1954 (unknown)
1954 Peggy Lee with Victor Young and His Singing Strings
1951 Giorgio Consolini
May 12, 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
1954 Giacomo Rondinella
March 1952 Los Rancheros
1956 Rosemary Clooney & The Mellomen, Orch. under Dir. of Buddy Cole
1951 Nilla Pizzi
January 11, 1951 (unknown)
1956 Johnnie Ray
April 2, 1957 Doris Day with Frank DeVol & His Orchestra
1956 (unknown)
Rock Around the Clock Renato Carosone e il suo Quartetto 1956 Unverified
1954 (unknown)
1955 Pepe Blanco