Lowell Fulson

Lowell Fulson
Lowell Fulsom
Lowell Fulson and Guitar
Lowell Fulson & His Trio
Lowell Fulson and His Trio
Lowell Fulson's Combo
Lowell Fulson with Orchestra
Lowell Fulson with Two Guitars
March 31, 1921
March 7, 1999
United States
00011021077 17 works
00065007400 10 works
Blues guitarist and songwriter. One of the founders of West Coast blues, he recorded steadily from the 1940s through 1990s.


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Title Performer Release date Label
Ain't Nobody's Business Lowell Fulson April 1949 Down Beat [US1]
Black Nights Lowell Fulsom November 1965 Kent [US]
Blues Around Midnight Lowell Fulsom 1966 Kent [US]
Check Yourself Lowell Fulson March 1955 Checker
Come Back Baby Lowell Fulson & His Trio July 1949 Swing Beat
Everyday I Have the Blues Lowell Fulson's Combo May 1950 Swing Time
Every Time It Rains Lowell Fulsom 1964 Kent [US]
I'm a Night Owl Part I Lowell Fulson 1951 Swing Time
I'm Prison Bound Lowell Fulson and Guitar 1948 Down Town
It's Your Fault Baby Lowell Fulson June 1956 Checker
It Took a Long Time Lowell Fulson 1959 Checker
Lonely Hours Lowell Fulson July 1955 Checker
Lonesome Christmas Lowell Fulson November 1950 Swing Time
Lovin' Touch Lowell Fulsom January 1969 Kent [US]
Low Society Blues Lowell Fulson 1950 Swing Time
Make a Little Love Lowell Fulsom 1967 Kent [US]
Reconsider Baby Lowell Fulson November 1954 Checker
Sinner's Prayer Lowell Fulson 1950 Swing Time
So Long, So Long Lowell Fulson and His Trio 1948 Down Beat [US1]
The Letter Lowell Fulsom 1968 Kent [US]
Three O'Clock Blues Lowell Fulson 1948 Down Town
Tramp Lowell Fulsom 1966 Kent [US]
Trouble, Trouble Lowell Fulson December 1955 Checker
Trouble with the Blues Lowell Fulson 1963 Checker
Upstairs Lowell Fulson with Orchestra 1952 Swing Time
Western Union Blues Lowell Fulson with Two Guitars 1949 Swing Time
Why Don't We Do It in the Road? Lowell Fulsom July 1969 Jewel Records
Worried Life Lowell Fulsom 1972 Kent [US]

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