The MGM Studio Orchestra

The MGM Studio Orchestra
United States


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Covers by The MGM Studio Orchestra

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1966 Collins and Harlan
August 1962 (unknown)
1950 Marie Saxon, Jack Whiting and Chorus
1951 Victor Symphony Orchestra with George Gershwin
1948 Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers
July 1951 Mildred Fisher, Helen Morgan
July 1951 Helen Morgan
1966 Louis Prima and His Orchestra
1966 (unknown)
December 1947 Zelma O'Neal
1955 Woody Herman and His Orchestra - Vocal by Frances Wayne
December 1947 Zelma O'Neal
1966 Robert Greig, Zeppo Marx, Margaret Dumont, Groucho Marx and Ensemble
1963 David Rose and His Orchestra
December 1947 Ruth Mayon & Mary Lawlor
1962 Native Tahitian Singers - The MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Robert Armbruster
1966 Beatrice Lillie
1950 Ray Middleton
December 1947 Dinah Shore with Russ Case and His Orchestra
1955 Sonny Dae and His Knights
1955 The Harlem Hot Chocolates
Tango (Temptation) The MGM Studio Orchestra 1996 Unverified
1966 The MGM Studio Orchestra
December 1947 Mary Lawlor and John Price Jones
1955 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Arthur Hall, Dennis King
December 1947 George Olsen and His Music - Vocals refrain by Fran Frey
1966 Original Dixieland Jass Band, Pennsylvania Music
1955 Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone)
1950 Bob Thompson [US1]
1950 Ethel Merman