Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey
March 27, 1969
United States
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Pop, R&B and hip hop singer from Huntington, Long Island, who is a five time Grammy winner. She is best known for her massive register over five octaves and her excellent whistle register which became her signature.
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Title Performer Release date Label
#1's Mariah Carey November 17, 1998 Columbia
#1's [EU Edition] Mariah Carey November 1998 Columbia
Butterfly Mariah Carey September 16, 1997 Columbia
Charmbracelet Mariah Carey December 3, 2002 MonarC
Daydream Mariah Carey September 19, 1995 Columbia
E=MC² Mariah Carey April 16, 2008 Island
Emotions Mariah Carey 1991 Columbia
Glitter Mariah Carey 2001 Virgin America
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey June 12, 1990 Columbia
Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special - Apple TV+ Original Soundtrack Mariah Carey December 4, 2020 Legacy
Me. I Am Mariah... the Elusive Chanteuse Mariah Carey May 2014 Def Jam Recordings
Me. I Am Mariah... the Elusive Chanteuse [Target] Mariah Carey May 2014 Def Jam Recordings
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel Mariah Carey September 29, 2009 Island
Merry Christmas Mariah Carey November 1, 1994 Columbia
Merry Christmas [European edition] Mariah Carey 1994 Columbia
Merry Christmas II You Mariah Carey November 2, 2010 Island
Music Box Mariah Carey August 31, 1993 Columbia
Music Box [Reissue] Mariah Carey 1995 Columbia [MX]
Rainbow Mariah Carey November 2, 1999 Columbia
The Emancipation of Mimi Mariah Carey April 12, 2005 Island
The Emancipation of Mimi [Ultra Platinum Edition] Mariah Carey November 15, 2005 Island
The Rarities Mariah Carey October 2, 2020 Columbia



Title Performer Release date Label
Against All Odds Mariah featuring Westlife September 18, 2000 Columbia
#Beautiful Mariah Carey feat. Miguel May 7, 2013 Island
Honey Mariah Carey August 26, 1997 Columbia
I Still Believe Mariah Carey 1998 Columbia
I Want to Know What Love Is Mariah Carey September 15, 2009 Island
Mariah's Theme - Can't Take That Away Mariah Carey 2000 Columbia
Mi todo Mariah Carey 1998 Columbia [MX]
Oh Santa! Mariah Carey October 1, 2010 Island
Oh Santa! Mariah Carey feat. Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson December 4, 2020 Legacy
One Sweet Day Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men November 14, 1995 Columbia
Vision of Love Mariah Carey May 15, 1990 Columbia
When You Believe Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston November 2, 1998 Columbia
With You Mariah Carey October 4, 2018 Epic


Performances also appear on


Title Performer Release date Label
A Tribute to Mariah Carey The Hit Co. March 22, 2011 Planet Music
Babies Go Mariah Carey Sweet Little Band January 9, 2020 RGS Music
Babies Love Mariah Carey Judson Mancebo 2013 Sony Music
Instrumental Mariah Carey Fabulous Studio Artists November 10, 2003 Fabulous
Jazzy Mariah Carey various artists July 2013 Bossa58
Lullaby Versions of Mariah Carey Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star January 31, 2020 Roma Music Group
Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas Smooth Jazz Tribute Smooth Jazz All Stars October 9, 2007 CC Entertainment
MBM Performs Mariah Carey Music Box Mania March 6, 2020 Roma Music Group
Panpipe Plays Mariah Carey Ricardo Caliente 1999 Elap
Piano Tribute to Mariah Carey Larry Kenzal October 10, 2010 (self-released)
The Songs of Mariah Carey Jazz Express 1992 Sound Design Records
The String Quartet Tribute to Mariah Carey Vitamin String Quartet June 22, 2004 Vitamin [US]
Yogi Translations of Mariah Carey Yoga Pop Ups October 23, 2020 Roma Music Group