Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander
Alexander Neuenhauser
Peter Alexander und der Koreanische Kinderchor
Peter Alexander und die Mozart-Sängerknaben
Peter Alexander und ein Kinderchor
Peter Alexander und Ute Mann Chor
Udo Augartner
Real name
Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer
June 30, 1926
February 12, 2011
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Actor, singer and one of the most popular entertainers in the German-language world between the 1950s and his retirement in the late 1990s.
Member of
Die Optimisten


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Covers by Peter Alexander

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1977 Renate und Werner Leismann
1966 Alfred Drake
1976 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, Emma Carus, Sonny Dae and His Knights, (unknown), Little Richard and His Band, Lionel Hampton and His Quartet
1979 Fabrizio De André
1980 Leo Slezak
July 1956 Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra
Covered by (3 artists)
1957 (unknown)
June 1958 Domenico Modugno
Covered by (5 artists)
Bind ein blaues Band um uns'ren Birkenbaum Peter Alexander 1973 Unverified
October 1960 Charles Hart [US], Wyn Hoop
June 27, 1988 Bing Crosby with Lani McIntire and His Hawaiians
1977 (unknown)
1964 Hans Moser
1967 (unknown)
1979 Steve Gibb
1975 Stuart Hamblen, Bruce Low mit Begleitgesang - Adalbert Luczkowski mit seinem Orchester, Köln
1965 Choir of Sailors in "Bomben auf Monte Carlo"
June 27, 1988 Roland Gerbeau - Orchestre Pierre Guillermin, Lale Andersen
1965 Paul Hörbiger
1961 Roy Orbison with Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
1955 The Ames Brothers with Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra
July 1970 Ray Peterson - Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Shorty Rogers
1969 (unknown)
1964 Richard Tauber
April 1968 P.J. Proby
Covered by (4 artists)
1965 The De Paur Chorus, (unknown)
1972 Debbie
Covered by (4 artists)
March 1962 Peter Alexander & Gunther Philipp
1961 Ricky Nelson
1967 Engelbert Humperdinck, (unknown)
November 10, 1986 Danny Williams
November 10, 1986 Bobby Bare, Volker Lechtenbrink
1980 Trude Lieske und Otto Wallburg
April 1976 Vader Abraham
Covered by (6 artists)
1952 Nilla Pizzi e Coro
Covered by (2 artists)
1965 (unknown)
1974 Frank Sinatra with Orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle, Chris Ulbertson - Orkester Klaus Alzner
December 1968 Willy Fritsch
November 10, 1986 Stevie Wonder
June 27, 1988 Middle of the Road
1965 Robert Steidl
1977 Horst Jankowski - His Orchestra and Chorus
1975 Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye, Lys Assia und Die Telestars mit Béla Sanders und sein Orchester
1977 (unknown), Günter Kallmann-Chor - Orchester Werner Twardy - Solist: Jacky Brown
1969 (unknown)
1966 Georgel, (unknown)
December 1968 Max Hansen und Camilla Spira
1967 Olive Moorefield
1974 Samantha, Heino
1962 (unknown)
May 1965 The Kalin Twins
Covered by (4 artists)
1964 Josef König
1975 Burl Ives, Gerhard Wendland
1968 Adalbert Lutter mit seinem Tanzorchester - Gesang: Die 6 Frohen Sänger
1965 Peter Kreuder mit seinem großen Tanzorchester - Refraingesang: Kurt Mühlhardt
1974 Pedro Vargas con Orquesta
Covered by Lolita [AT]
1964 (unknown)
1969 Wilhelm Strienz und die Goldene Sieben
November 10, 1986 Lionel Richie
1962 Anton Karas
1965 (unknown)
1962 (unknown)
1965 Tex Ritter, Bruce Low - Helmut Zacharias mit kleiner Besetzung
December 1968 Hans Holt & Adalbert Lutter mit seinem Orchester
1991 Blue System [DE]
October 1968 Bob Shane
Covered by (2 artists)
1974 (unknown)
1981 The Oak Ridge Boys
1964 (unknown)
1970 (unknown)
1968 Kurt Adolf Thelen
1962 Fritz Steiner & Rosi Barsony
1975 Bully Buhlan mit dem Horst Wende Quartett
June 17, 1996 Oskar Karlweis
June 17, 1996 (unknown)
1965 (unknown)
1967 Odeon Tanzorchester - Leitung: Friedrich Schröder
1966 (unknown)
1965 Johannes Heesters und Edith Schollwer
1982 Chris Christian
1966 Alfred Drake
1960 Ray Price
Covered by (5 artists)
1961 Hank Ballard and The Midnighters
1980 (unknown)
1977 (unknown)
1967 Marika Rökk - Theo Nordhaus und seine Solisten
1959 (unknown)
1981 (unknown), Herbert Ernst Groh - Odeon-Künstler-Orchester - Ltg. Kapellmeister O. Dobrindt
1966 Albert Préjean, Paul Godwin Tanz-Orchester mit deutschem Refraingesang : L. Monosson
March 1976 Joe Dassin
1978 Edison Male Quartette
1965 Edison Male Quartette, (unknown)
1961 Zarah Leander
1977 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
September 1968 Wilma Goich
Covered by (4 artists)
1967 Doris Day, Bruce Low - Adalbert Luczkowski mit sein Orchester
June 17, 1996 Missouri Jazz Band - Vocal Chorus Irving Kaufman
1965 (unknown)
1966 Danielle Darrieux, (unknown)
1960 Domenico Modugno con l'orchestra diretta dal M.o Nello Ciangherotti
1965 Comedian Harmonists
1967 Dora Komar & Johannes Heesters
1965 Charlie Chaplin, Willy Hagara - Willy Berking und sein Orchester
November 1985 The Trapp Family Singers
1965 (unknown performer), (unknown)
1975 Kurt Gerron
1968 (unknown)
1969 Beniamino Gigli, Angelina Monti mit Chor - Willy Berking und sein Orchester
November 10, 1986 Lord Melody
1969 Rosl Seegers mit Orchester - Leitung: Kapellmstr. Otto Dobrindt
1959 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra and The Ray Charles Singers, (unknown)
November 10, 1986 Scott English
Covered by Karel Gott
1962 (unknown)
1962 Hella Kürty & Willi Stettner
1981 Anton Seidl
1961 Jimmie Rodgers
Covered by Bob Lucks und Thomas Renner
1965 (unknown), (unknown)
June 17, 1996 Buz Butler and Cass County Boys
1969 Leila Negra, Der Wiener Kinderchor Waltherr, Erwin Halletz orkester
1967 Gilbert Bécaud
1978 Eddie Cantor, Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra, (unknown)
June 17, 1996 (unknown), (unknown)
February 1970 Berkant, David Alexandre Winter
November 1985 (unknown)
1967 Mlle Lucienne Boyer
1981 (unknown), Monsieur Fernand
1966 Annabelle Hill
1974 Doris Day with Frank DeVol & His Orchestra, Lys Assia
1962 Greta Keller - Peter Kreuder mit seinen Solisten
1974 Tony Renis con Orchestra dir. da E. Favilla, Caterina und Silvio
1966 Marianne Michel, Walter Dobschinski mit seinen Solisten - Gesang Werner Schmah
1966 Harry Clark, Jack Diamond, Wolfgang Neuss und Wolfgang Müller
1976 (unknown)
1968 Willy Schneider
September 1964 Roy Clark
Covered by (3 artists)
November 10, 1986 (unknown), Cat Stevens
1967 Isham Jones, Guest Conductor with Ray Miller's Orchestra
November 10, 1986 Neil Diamond
1972 Neil Diamond
1980 Alessandro Cicognini with Maurice Chevalier
December 1966 Connie Francis
1974 Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra, Ivo Robić
1974 David Dante, Caterina Valente und Silvio Francesco
1965 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
1960 Wilma De Angelis con Piero Soffici e la sua orchestra, (unknown)
1953 Andrews Sisters and Red Foley, Bruce Low mit dem Cornel-Trio und Männerchor - Adalbert Luczkowski mit dem Kölner Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester
1977 Rex Harrison & Ginny Tyler
1975 Cowboy Copas, Alma Cogan mit Chor und Orchester Charles Blackwel
1977 (unknown performer)
June 17, 1996 Ray Anthony and His Orchestra - Vocal Duet by Tommy Mercer and Marcie Miller
1965 Leroy Holmes and His Orchestra - Whistling by Fred Lowery
June 27, 1988 Goombay Dance Band
1965 Bing Crosby - Grace Kelly, Lys Assia
March 1959 Domenico Modugno
Covered by (3 artists)
September 1955 Narciso Parigi e Radio Boys
1974 Anita O'Day - Orchestra conducted by Larry Russell, Hula Hawaiian-Quartett und Valentinos Hawaiian Band
1977 Marguerite Ugalde, Adèle Isaac
Covered by John van Kesteren & Wilma
1966 Lorenzo Fuller
1966 Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Lisa Kirk, Harold Lang
1980 (unknown)
1968 (unknown)
June 17, 1996 Katyna Ranieri - Complesso diretta dal M.o Mario Migliardi, (unknown)
1965 Richard Himber & His Orchestra
Covered by (3 artists)
1978 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, (unknown)
November 10, 1986 Don Williams
1968 Willy Schneider
1963 (unknown)
November 10, 1986 Gordon Lightfoot, Katja Ebstein
January 1963 Elvis Presley
Covered by (4 artists)
1965 Jean Wetzel avec Jean Wiener et son trio, Caterina Valente - Orchester Mike Firestone
1966 Jacques Hélian et son Orchestre, Angèle Durand und Die Telestars mit Béla Sanders und sein Orchester
1962 (unknown)
March 1972 Susan Shirley, The New Seekers, The Hillside Singers
1966 Alfred Drake
November 10, 1986 Glynis Johns, Zarah Leander
1966 Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake
June 1958 Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers
Covered by Jo Roland und die Benicarlos
1965 Anton Karas
June 27, 1988 Tony Johnson [GB] - Acc. Caribbean Serenaders, Harry Belafonte
1980 Gretl Theimer and Walter Janssen

Web Covers by Peter Alexander

Title Performer Upload date Originally by
Wenn ich dich seh', dann fange ich zu träumen an Peter Alexander August 9, 2016 Hans Bardeleben u.d. Geller-Sisters - Heinz Both mit seinen Solisten