Maceo Pinkard

Real name
Maceo Pinkard
June 27, 1897
July 21, 1962
United States
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From West Virginia, Pinkard was a popular songwriter in the 1920s and 1930s. He was inducted into the Songwriters hall of fame in 1984.
Edna Alexander Spouse


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Songs written by Maceo Pinkard

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Come On, Baby! Maceo Pinkard, Sidney Clare, Archie Gottler Lou Gold and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Jim Andrews September 7, 1928 Covered by (12 artists)
Don't Be Like That Charles Tobias, Maceo Pinkard, Archie Gottler Golden Gate Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman October 11, 1928 Covered by (14 artists)
Don't Cry, Little Girl, Don't Cry Maceo Pinkard Henry Burr November 18, 1918 Covered by (2 artists)
Give Me a Little Kiss, Will Ya Huh? Roy Turk, Whispering Jack Smith, Maceo Pinkard Jack Smith (The Whispering Baritone) March 5, 1926 Covered by (19 artists)
Here Comes the Show Boat Billy Rose, Maceo Pinkard Harry Reser's Syncopators - Vocal Refrain by Tom Stacks 1929 Covered by Margie Meinert
I'll Be a Friend with Pleasure Maceo Pinkard Bix Beiderbecke and His Orchestra September 8, 1930 Covered by (44 artists)
I'm Feelin' Devilish (Oh by Golly Oh) Maceo Pinkard The Dixie Stompers [US1] (Fletcher Henderson) April 6, 1928 Covered by (4 artists)
I Wonder What's Become of Joe Roy Turk, Maceo Pinkard Ethel Waters February 20, 1926 Covered by (13 artists)
Lila Charles Tobias, Maceo Pinkard, Archie Gottler Broadway Broadcasters (Sam Lanin) February 18, 1922 Covered by (12 artists)
Livin' High (Sometimes) Maceo Pinkard, Edna Alexander Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Vocal Chorus by Eva Taylor October 6, 1925 Covered by (13 artists)
Liza Maceo Pinkard, Nat Vincent Emerson Dance Orchestra January 1923 Covered by (4 artists)
Mammy o' Mine Maceo Pinkard, William Tracey Sterling Trio March 7, 1919 Covered by (17 artists)
Okay, Baby Maceo Pinkard, William Tracey McKinney's Cotton Pickers with Vocal Refrain by George Thomas July 29, 1930 Covered by (10 artists)
Pile of Logs and Stone Maceo Pinkard Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Vocal Chorus by Eva Taylor January 22, 1926 Covered by (7 artists)
Stuttering Maceo Pinkard Mamie Smith's Jazz Hounds October 1922 Unverified
Sugar Maceo Pinkard, Edna Alexander, Sidney D. Mitchell Ethel Waters February 20, 1926 Covered by (209 artists)
Sweet Georgia Brown Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, Kenneth Casey Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra March 19, 1925 Covered by (925 artists)
Sweet Man Roy Turk, Maceo Pinkard Raderman's Roysterers REC, Sam Lanin and His Orchestra (Vocal Chorus, Arthur Hall) REL August 26, 1925 Covered by (21 artists)
Them There Eyes Doris Tauber, Maceo Pinkard, William Tracey Hal Kemp and His Orchestra November 18, 1930 Covered by (298 artists)
There Must Be Somebody Else Maceo Pinkard, Sidney Clare, Archie Gottler Van and Schenck October 18, 1927 Covered by (12 artists)
Those Draftin' Blues Maceo Pinkard Arthur Collins July 1918 Covered by (39 artists)
Wonderful Pal Maceo Pinkard, William Tracey George Meader October 4, 1919 Covered by Hickman Trio
You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark Maceo Pinkard Alberta Hunter March 20, 1935 Covered by (5 artists)