Ed Ames

Eddie Ames
Real name
Edmund Dantes Urick
July 9, 1927
May 21, 2023
United States
Pop singer and actor
Member of
Ames Brothers


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Covers by Ed Ames

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
1970 Feliciano
July 1968 Richard Harris [IE]
1965 Edith Piaf, Bob Sands with Orchestra conducted by Bill Loose
1971 Cilla Black
1965 Richard Burton
And I Love You So Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
  October 1971 Barry Mann REL, Gene Pitney REC
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
July 1968 Brian Hyland
January 1964 Georgia Brown [GB]
1969 Jerry Reed
1967 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
October 1963 (unknown)
Be My Love Ed Ames December 2, 2008 Unverified
Bless the Beasts and Children Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
  1968 Bob Dylan REC, The Chad Mitchell Trio REL
1972 Leon Payne
1967 Bud and Travis
July 1968 Matt Monro - Arranged and conducted by John Barry
Bridge over Troubled Water Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
1964 Bing Crosby
June 1967 Jill Haworth
  1964 Johnny Long and His Orchestra REC, Ginny Simms with Freddy Martin and His Orchestra BRD
1968 Frankie Valli
1966 Vince Guaraldi Trio, Mel Tormé, arranged and conducted by Marty Paich
1968 The Association
  1966 Percy Faith and His Orchestra REC, Patricia Neway PRF
1966 (unknown), The Imperials [US2]
1967 (unknown), (unknown)
Desiderata Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
  1972 Roy Orbison REL, Jim Reeves [US] REC
  1967 Walter Woolf King PRF, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians – Vocal Chorus by Carmen Lombardo REC,REL
1967 Harry Simeone Chorale
1971 Dionne Warwick
Early in the Morning Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
  1967 Bikel, Martin, Children REC, Theodore Bikel, Mary Martin, Children PRF
July 1968 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Orchestra, (unknown)
  1966 Cy Grant PRF, Anthony Newley REL
  1964 Felicia Sanders PRF, Kaye Ballard REC,REL
1965 Leroy Anderson and His "Pops" Concert Orchestra
Covered by Vince Hill with The Eddie Lester Singers
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
October 1968 Barbra Streisand
1969 Joe South
1964 Billy Eckstine REL, Louis Jourdan REC, Sacha Distel
June 1969 Andy Williams [US1]
  October 1971 Randy Newman BRD, Judy Mayhan REL
1972 Billy Brown
  January 1964 Jerry Orbach PRF, The Paul Smith Ensemble REL
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
July 1968 Bob Shane
  October 1968 Ella Logan PRF, Martha Tilton - With Vocal Group and Dean Elliott and His Orchestra REC
I Am... I Said Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
  February 1969 Jane Froman with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Sid Feller REC, Jane Froman BRD
  January 1964 Robert Morse, Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Reed REC,REL,PRF
  October 1968 Adelaide Hall PRF, Meyer Davis' Swanee Syncopators – Vocal Chorus by Al Shayne REC
1965 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
1956 Jon Otnes
Covered by (2 artists)
  January 1964 Robert Goulet PRF,REC
February 1969 Elvis Presley
February 1969 Archie Lewis with Jan Corduwener and His Orchestra
  June 1969 The Monkees REC, Tony Crane REL
February 1969 The Weavers
1966 Angela Lansbury
1967 (unknown), Bing Crosby with The Ken Darby Singers and Orchestra directed by Buddy Cole
June 1969 Barry Mann
1967 Ted Wallace & His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by The Radio Imps
1965 Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Jean Bowes
1965 Danny Kaye with Gordon Jenkins and His Chorus and Orchestra
1967 Andy Williams [US1]
1971 Dionne Warwick
1972 Billy Deaton
1966 James Barton
February 1964 Charles Nelson Reilly, Eileen Brennan, Company
  1964 Doris Day - Orchestra under the direction of George Siravo REL, Doris Day and Nestor Amaral REC
1966 Angela Lansbury and All
  1964 Rex Harrison REL,PRF
1968 The Monkees
1967 (unknown)
  1966 Percy Faith REL, Art Lund PRF
1966 Fiddlin' John Carson
1967 (unknown), (unknown)
1969 Wally Whyton
1967 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Vaughn Monroe and The Norton Sisters
1965 Vinícius & Odette Lara, Wanda de Sah featuring The Sergio Mendes Trio
  1969 Dino Valenti REC, The Kingston Trio REL
1969 Roger Miller [US-OK]
1972 Tony Bennett
July 1968 Vicky, Vicky - Orch. Arno Flor
  1964 Ella Logan - Orchestra under direction of Bill Harty REC, Kenny Baker [US1] BRD
June 1967 (unknown)
Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
  1966 Robert Alda REC,REL,PRF
1971 Jerry Butler
1967 Al Martino
1968 The Bee Gees
1965 Eddy Howard
  1967 Louis Jourdan PRF, John Cullum REC,REL
June 1967 The Beatles
1968 The Mama's and The Papa's
1964 Elmer Bernstein
  1966 Pat Rooney, Sr. REC,REL,PRF
1967 Riz Ortolani e Nino Oliviero, Steve Lawrence
1966 Mary Martin & Robert Preston
1966 Kelly Harrell
1967 (unknown), (unknown)
1970 Emily Laurey, (unknown)
October 1968 Louis Jourdan
1965 Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence
One Tin Soldier Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
February 1969 Gordon Lightfoot
June 1967 Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra, (unknown)
1970 Johnny Nash
June 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival
1969 Jackie De Shannon
  1965 Dick Van Dyke REC,PRF
1971 B.J. Thomas
1972 Vikki Carr
1965 Willie Nelson
1966 (unknown)
July 1968 (unknown), Gordon Heath and Lee Payant, Simon and Garfunkel
1970 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
June 1969 Otis Redding
1965 Mina [IT], Matt Monro
June 1967 Carson and Gaile
  February 1969 Reri Grist & Ensemble REC,REL, Larry Kert, Reri Grist & Carol Lawrence PRF
October 1968 Maurice Jarre, Ray Conniff and The Singers
1972 Nino Rota, Andy Williams [US1]
1967 (unknown)
1964 Burl Ives
July 1968 Mieko Hirota - Billy Taylor Trio
  June 1967 Zero Mostel, Maria Karnilova and Chorus REL,PRF
Sunrise, Sunset Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
1967 (unknown)
Take Me Home, Country Roads Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
1967 The Yeaworths
1966 Tani Seitz
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
1966 Billy Murray with Orchestra
1967 Tally-Ho!
1966 Richard Kiley
1970 The Trapp Family Singers
  1971 Dusty Springfield REL, Stan Getz REC
  October 1968 Dusty Springfield REL, Stan Getz REC
1969 The Four Preps - Orchestra arranged and conducted by Leon Russell
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Ed Ames 1972 Unverified
1968 Petula Clark
1968 The New Vaudeville Band
October 1968 William O'Neal, Marty May, Ray Middleton and Ethel Merman
October 1968 Johnny Mandel
February 1969 Simon and Garfunkel
1972 Michel Legrand, Barbra Streisand
1966 Judy Garland
June 1969 Noel Harrison
1972 Jackie Trent
1966 Rufus Smith and Ensemble
1971 Richard Chamberlain - Cond. by Burt Bacharach
  January 1964 Kenneth Nelson and Rita Gardner PRF, Kenneth Nelson & Rita Gardner REL
July 1968 (unknown)
1969 Danny Williams [ZA]
Three Good Reasons Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
1967 Buffy Sainte-Marie
June 1967 Franca di Rienzo
Covered by (2 artists)
June 1969 Classics IV
  1967 Kitty Kallen REL, Bing Crosby - Grace Kelly REC
  January 1964 Jerry Orbach PRF,REL
Two Different Worlds Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
  1967 Henry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus REL, Henry Mancini and His Orchestra BRD
Until It's Time for You to Go Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
October 1968 Norman Wisdom, Louise Troy & Ensemble
1965 Bill Evans [US1], Tony Bennett
1967 Marc Michel [dubbed by Georges Blaness], The Royalettes featuring Sheila Ross
1972 Jim Reeves [US]
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life Ed Ames 1970 Unverified
February 1969 Louis Armstrong
1970 (unknown), (unknown)
1966 Bobby Vinton
January 1964 Anthony Newley
1964 Gilbert Bécaud - Orch. dir. : Raymond Bernard, Jane Morgan
June 1967 Jackie deShannon
1967 Sonja Stadlin
Covered by (7 artists)
1972 Francis Lai & His Orchestra, Andy Williams [US1]
  October 1968 Keith Hamshere & Chorus PRF, Oliver & Chorus (Keith Hamshere) REL
1964 Ted Fiorito & His Orchestra
June 1967 Mary Badham conducted by Kenyon Hopkins
1966 Lois Deppe & Russell Woodling's Jubilee Singers
1971 Jack Jones
1968 The Beatles
1964 Mabel Mercer